Altar Of Blood For Black Desert Online Released 10 July

Hot on the heels of the introduction of Black Desert Online’s 18th playable character, Shai, Pearl Abyss have announced exciting new PVE content being dropped this week – specifically the 10th July.

Shai new Character Black Desert Online
New PVE content for Black Desert Online hot on the heels of Shai’s release

10 Rounds Of Altar Of Blood Madness

The new content will consist of a group gameplay experience for three players and involves a defensive horde mode in which participants must defend the Altar against ten rounds of monster waves, with each wave increasing in difficulty, and with some of the game’s most powerful and intimidating monsters at the end of the mission.

Players can enter the mission if they’re level 56 and higher.

Retry Missions By Using Nightmare’s Fragments

If players fail, they may try and re-challenge the mission using Nightmare’s Fragments (which can be obtained by combining Black Energy Residue and a Memory Fragment).

Rewards From Altar Of Blood

The rewards from the Altar of Blood will be in keeping with the increased difficulty of this higher level group challenge, and successful players may receive:

  • Caphras Stones
  • Gold Bars
  • Black Stones
  • Armor Boxes that may contain a variety of gear

Additionally, players who beat the Altar Of Blood will be able to participate in a special limited time event – a defensive mode of Advice Of Valks – a new title and other cool rewards.

The new PVE content for Black Desert Online will be released on the 10th July on PC and Xbox.

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