Back To The 90s With Nintendo’s Game Boy Color Watch

Retro is in, and if you’ve ever wanted a genuine Game Boy on your wrist then your dreams have come true.

You may ask, who uses an actual watch to tell time anymore? But watches are making a comeback (and we don’t mean the health, fitness and happiness wrist monitors people buy to remind them to exercise, live longer and be happy) and if you’re looking for something that will stand out from the crowd, this is the gadget for you.

Nintendo Gameboy Colour Watch 3

Nintendo’s Game Boy Color Watch Smells Like The 90s

The Nintendo Time To Step Things Up Game Boy Color Watch is an officially licensed Nintendo product and is available now from Merchoid. The watch follows the design of the outrageously popular Game Boy Color which was released in 1998 and marketed as “Portable fun in Color”.

Game Boy Color 1
The Original Nintendo Game Boy Color

The design is so close to the original (the plastic probably even smells like the 90s) that you’ll find complete strangers trying to press buttons on it to see what they do or telling you about their memories of their first Game Boy. They may even want to see what it’s like on their own wrist. Yes, be prepared for strangers to want to feel, play with and talk about your new watch.

It Will Not Tell You About Your Heartbeat

Nintendo’s new offering will bring back all the fun of the handheld console on a plastic strap, and most importantly, all the buttons work. The interface includes the date, an alarm function and a digital time display.

The Game Boy Color Watch comes in an eye-catching turquoise color and of the greatest features of the watch is its simplicity – it will tell you the hour, what day it is and get you up in the morning or wake you from a much-needed nap, but that’s it. Don’t expect it to tell you what to eat for breakfast or how your heartbeat compares with last week.

Get the Nintendo Time To Step Things Up Game Boy Color Watch here for yourself, for a friend or family member or any Nintendo Game Boy tragics you might know of (and we all know at least one).

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