Bioshock in Space – Everything We Know So Far About Judas

As massive fans of the Bioshock and System Shock games, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the upcoming new title Judas from Ken Levine and his Ghost Story Games studio.

Details have been few and far between, however Judas looks like it’ll be an immersive first-person adventure set in a dystopian future society, with a similar art style and gameplay features that made Bioshock Infinite so innovative.

The studio’s pedigree and ominous trailers indicate that the game will focus heavily on story while providing tense action gameplay. Here’s what we know so far about Judas.

A Revolution in the Making

A mysterious image of a woman in a dimly lit room in Judas

The setting for Judas is a city called Mayflower that travels indefinitely through space.

Society on the Mayflower is tightly controlled by computers that groom residents into model citizens devoid of free will.

Players will take the role of Judas, who somehow breaks free from the system’s shackles and decides to spark a revolution. Details remain unknown regarding how Judas develops this self-awareness or what specific events trigger his uprising, but we do know from videos that there is chaos and conflict across the Mayflower.

Judas Reveal trailer

Ken Levine’s Ambitious Return

A girl with pink hair is sitting, in the game Judas.

Judas represents the debut title for Ghost Story Games, the studio Levine founded after leaving Irrational Games in 2014.

Levine was the creative director for acclaimed games like System Shock 2, BioShock and BioShock Infinite, so expectations are justifiably high for Judas.

Development started shortly after Irrational’s dissolution, enduring stretches of employee burnout and rewrite efforts before the 2022 announcement trailer.

From all accounts, Levine wants Judas as a highly replayable game with branching choices that dramatically impact the story and relationships. This emphasis on player agency mirrors what Levine established with past games, albeit likely taken to deeper levels given the additional development time.

Immersive Gameplay Rich with Possibilities

A video game screen capture showcasing  Judas

While plot details remain vague, promotional footage gives us a taste of Judas’ first-person gameplay. The action appears tense and kinetic, with gunfights against security forces trying to suppress the uprising.

Since Judas leads the charge against the Mayflower’s controlling A.I., we can expect hacking and manipulation of computer systems to also factor prominently. The dystopian setting shown so far evokes the retrofuturism and transhumanism themes of classics like Deus Ex and System Shock.

Judas Release Date

Ghost Story plans to launch Judas on PlayStation 5, Windows PC and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

The initial reveal trailer said Judas will launch before March 2025, giving the studio breathing room as they polish their ambitious project.

Judas will surely have high expectations given the legacy behind it, but Ghost Story seems intent on ensuring the game properly represents their vision. As more concrete details emerge, Judas’ journey of rebellion could become one of 2025’s most anticipated games – we’re certainly excited to see how Bioshock in Space could turn out.

For more information, visit Judas on Steam, X or Facebook or check out the official website at Ghost Story Games.

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