Black Desert Online 2019 Roadmap & Doom The Dream Horse

Hugely popular PC and Xbox One MMORPG Black Desert Online is about to get a whole lot more content and events in the second quarter of this year, as announced in its 2019 Roadmap.

Nothing says a nonstop grindathon like new events and achievements to unlock, and the game’s upcoming content is designed to keep older, more established players interested and newer (or brand new) players excited to explore and discover the world of BDO.

Black Desert Online Roadmap 2019

Pearl Abyss has announced several new activities, including new regions you can explore, new mounts to ride and weapons to wield, events, as well as new PVE group content.  Players can look forward to:

  • Underwater Ruins: this new area is reached within a secret ocean rift and gives players access to new high level monsters and field boss.
  • Star’s End: this hardcore region will give players the ability to unlock the game’s Blackstar Weapon. This area, found in the Western region of Calpheon,  is based on the world boss Kzarka.  It represents the pinnacle of challenges in the game at the moment, with the reward – the Blackstar weapon – an ultimate goal for all veteran players.  Check out the video below for more details on this stunning addition to Black Desert Online weaponry. 
  • Mediah Quest Renewal: this updates a range of activities in the region.
  • Garmoth Chase: this lets players chase the dragon as he makes his way around Drieghan, dropping rewards players can get.
  • Doom, The Dream Horse: this new offensive mount is now available for players to awaken (see below for the juicy details).
  • Golden Troupe’s Treasure Event: this lucrative event runs until 5 June and consists of three daily quests given to the player by Tapu, the Golden Troupe’s representative. Players will receive a Golden Troupe Coin for every quest that is successfully completed, which can then be exchanged for loot such as Memory Fragments and Shakatu’s Luxury Boxes. Additionally, players will daily receive another Coin for every hour they play.
  • Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival: this fun spring event at Terrmian Beach lets players participate in activities to gain nice rewards.

The Blackstar Weapon

The reward from the new region called Star’s End, the Blackstar weapon will provide a challenge even to experienced players. The forging materials for the Blackstar will be available once players have beaten the area.

The Blackstar Weapon

Doom, The Dream Horse

Doom The Dream Horse BDO PC XBOX One

Doom the Dream horse has arrived and, let’s just get this out of the way, it looks awesome. It also sets the ground on fire with clouds of black smoke when you walk.

Possibly more importantly, it has unprecedented offensive abilities that will turn your enemies into pillars of fire, with the skills Dark Flame Steps and Dark Sprint. Grinding for Doom should be a priority during the first half of May, as there are two events happening that will make unlocking him easier. These are:

  • Until May 15, players can get 100% Training EXP and Mount EXP boosts when levelling their horses up.
  • Monster hunters, fishers and gatherers can come across Dream Horse Training materials that will increase their chance of awakening Dream Horses.

Also up until May 8, if you’re in-game for three hours or more, you’ll also be given Blessed Message Scrolls.

BDO Is Gorgeous To Look At – New In Game Screenshots

There is no doubt about it – Black Desert Online is absolutely stunning to look at, as these new screenshots amply demonstrate. These shots capture the atmospheric quality of the game, from its misty ruins and gloomy cavernous interiors, to intriguing caves, secret areas and unforgiving mountain terrain.

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