Buccaneer and Marksman Added To MapleStory M

Nexon has announced an exciting update for its popular MapleStory M MMORPG game, including new Explorer classes – Buccaneer and Marksman – new secondary weapons, a Link skills and a new boss.

Features in this large update include:

  • Buccaneer class: this class specialises in close combat attacks that you can charge up.
  • Marksman class: the Marksman class provides players with superior critical damage attacks at close range, and higher damage in ranged attacks.
  • New Expedition Boss: The Corrupted Empress Cygnus is the latest boss to be featured in MapleStory M, and those who defeat her will be given the Dream Stone which can be crafted into the all new Empress Equipment Set.
  • New Link Skills: the new Link Skills allow players to teach their characters a special skill, as long as they are located in the same server.
  • New secondary weapons: Players will now be able to wield two weapons at the same time.
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MapleStory M Event Roadmap

Additionally, Nexon has released details of events starting from today and running into June. These include:

  • Explorers Burning Event: all new Explorers between level 3 and level 75 will be provided with 3 bonus levels every time the level up (so it’s a great time to start the game or to create a new character). This special levelling bonus will end on the 19th June.
  • Explorers Celebration On-Time Event: This login event will see players receive special rewards such as a Pet package, Autobattle charge tickets and Epic Mysterious weapon or armour whetstones when they login to the game. This special login event will end on the 30th May.
  • Explorers Growth Support Event: Players who have created a new character and who reach a certain level will also recieve a Growth Support Box. This will end on the 19th June.
  • The Turnabout Event: This event will see players earning unique rewards when they open Turnabout Event boxes. This event will end on the 6th June.
  • The BBQ Event: this fun event is all about cooking goodness. Compete and win at cooking mini games and earn BBQ recipes that will deliver rewards. The MapleStory M BBQ Event starts on the 6th June and runs until the 19th June.
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MapleStory M is available on Android at the Google Play Store and on iOS on the App Store, and visit Nexon’s site https://maplestorym.nexon.com for more details on the game.

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