Dive into the Endless Possibilities of RPG DustGrave

DustGrave is an upcoming open-world sandbox RPG granting players complete freedom to shape a reactive world. Published by Digital Tribe Games and developed by indie studio Innervoid Interactive, DustGrave features dynamic game systems bringing unprecedented life to this embeddable landscape.

We’re keeping our eye on this and will be playing the demo during Steam Next Fest in February. In the meantime, here’s everything we know so far about the game.

DustGrave Game Overview

A screenshot of DustGrave, an RPG game with endless possibilities.

DustGrave diverges from the defined narratives of most RPGs by enabling players to fundamentally transform its world through their actions. Topple regimes, raze settlements, or spark zombie infestations based on impactful decisions. Every choice carries consequences in this nonlinear adventure letting you ally with factions or work towards your own goals.

NPCs have robust memories and personalities leading to shifting relationships based on your past deeds. From dialogue variations to the availability of quest lines, DustGrave promises more authentic interactions than typically experienced in digital realms.

Combined with expansive character customization untethered to rigid classes, you have the tools and freedom to play exactly as desired.

The Story of DustGrave

DustGrave’s story promises truly unrestricted adventures as you navigate a realm reacting to your choices. While details remain scarce, the game apparently begins with you awakening alone in a dangerous land plagued by undead hordes.

As you uncover DustGrave’s history, your decisions steer the course of besieged settlements and warring factions. Will you be ruthlessly self-interested or work towards the greater good? With creative applications of stealth and strategy, the possible tales are endless.

Gameplay and Features

Dive into the endless possibilities of RPG DustGrave

Freedom is DustGrave’s defining attribute, permeating all gameplay systems and mechanics. The world itself evolves based on your actions whether for better or worse.

Clever players can identify and manipulate cause and effect chains that ultimately reshape DustGrave’s landscape. This level of influence empowers unprecedented expressions of player creativity.

DustGrave features include:

  • A robust recording system tracks every meaningful event, with NPCs judging your actions based on their unique personalities and faction allies. Your deeds ripple through this reactive world.
  • The land of DustGrave persists in constant evolution as warring factions vie for power. Some may conquer new territory while others face potential annihilation based on the shifting consequences of player choices.
  • NPCs boast thoroughly simulated lives and desires beyond their relationship with the player character. They respond dynamically based on their distinctive perspectives and values.
  • Experience unbound freedom defining your own path, whether as a virtuous hero or cunning thief. Every playstyle is welcome in this fantasy sandbox where you decide your character’s destiny.
  • Master DustGrave’s turn-based combat system, combining skills and gear for deep tactical engagements. Customize your strategic style through impactful ability selections.
  • Utilize stealth to enable subtle solutions, picking locks and pockets or precise assassinations. Dustgrave’s stealth mechanics open new dimensions for cunning plans.
  • Craft your hero through DustGrave’s advanced character creator, eschewing prescribed classes to customize a unique personality.

Watch the trailer for DustGrave below.

Rich relationship systems track every interaction with NPCs who remember your past deeds. Earning trust and respect or inspiring fear and hatred all carry future consequences. Similarly, DustGrave’s stealth mode enables secretive solutions, allowing carefully executed plans to indirectly spark tremendous changes. Overall, non-restrictive gameplay mechanics let you handle challenges however you see fit.

DustGrave Developers

Northern Fertile Banks in DustGrave

DustGrave comes from Innervoid Interactive, founded by Giulio Gamberini and Simone Angeloni in 2021. This small Italian studio aims to interweave engaging narratives with video games’ interactive strengths. They cite Dustgrave as the fulfillment of their ultimate design vision.

Digital Tribe Games serves as DustGrave’s publisher. An experienced video game accelerator, Digital Tribe helps ambitious projects secure necessary funding while providing publishing, marketing, and localization support.

DustGrave Platforms and Release Date

DustGrave is slated to launch on PC later in 2024. A free playable demo will be available during Steam Next Fest running February 5th-12th, offering the first public glimpse of DustGrave’s immense freedom. This initial preview experience spotlights the game’s signature reactivity within a zombie-infested city ripe for player-driven chaos.

With impressive dynamism empowering unprecedented player creativity, DustGrave seems poised to deliver a true sandbox revelation. We’re looking forward to further details following next month’s Steam Next Fest demo. This embeddable world may realize the full potential of open-world freedom.

Keep up to date with the game on X, Discord and YouTube and read the Dev Diary here.

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