Join The Club With Zoo 2: Animal Park

The popular free zoo management browser and app game by upjers has announced the introduction of clubs, where players can collaborate with other players from across the world. The game is cross platform, and can be played in a browser, or available from the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

Zoo 2 started in 2018, and quickly built a dedicated and loyal audience (over 4 million players) for its attractive 3D graphics, gorgeous animals that you can interact with, plenty of customization options, a main storyline, quests and events.

Zoo 2: Animal Park Fenced Animals

Essentially the game revolves around running a zoo and making it successful. This means getting to grips with all the elements and challenges of animal management including appropriate environments for your cute critters, buildings, staff, visitors, decorations, buying new animals, successful breeding programs and so on.

Collaborate With Players From Around The World

As an added element, the game now offers clubs that players can start or join. These will provide a place where they can join forces, run weekly contests for animal card pieces and get animal statues as rewards for their zoos.

Zoo 2: Animal Park Clubs

Players will also be able increase their club’s level, thereby unlocking new features, as well as gaining bonuses for their zoos. There will also be contests for clubs to participate in, with the first ever event starting on 29th May.

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