Maximizing Scrap & Profits in Lethal Company

Scavenging scrap is the heart of Lethal Company’s gameplay loop. Learning how to efficiently explore facilities, identify valuable items, and maximize profits from selling scrap is crucial for progression. Follow these key tips to get the most out of your scrap runs:

Constantly Scan Your Surroundings

The scanner is your most vital tool while scavenging facilities. Continuously scan in all directions to mark enemies, mission objectives, potential escape routes, and valuable items. This builds a mental map that enables quicker navigation and loot identification. Don’t let your guard down!

Patience Maximizes Profits

The scrap market fluctuates dynamically in Lethal Company as quotas get filled. Prices start low but ramp up exponentially in the final days. Wait as long as safely possible before selling to hit peak prices. However, wait too long and you risk losing everything if killed. Play it as safe as possible while still holding out for maximum profits.

Prioritizing High-Value Targets

A screenshot of a video game featuring a man in a dark room, strategically maximizing profits for the lethal company.

Not all scrap is made equal. With limited personal inventory space, you must discriminate between smaller one-handed items and heavy two-handed salvage. Single-handed items can be stored efficiently, while large pieces should be hauled to facility entrance drop points. Always prioritize more valuable objects over common scrap.

Strategic Loot Drops

Carrying too much weighs you down, reducing mobility during tense firefights. Drop less valuable scrap just outside facility entrances as you delve deeper inside. This creates stockpiles you can quickly return to without traversing the entire facility. Set easy-to-access locations to avoid losing your haul in a bad spot.

Strength In Numbers

Lone wolf scrap runs rarely end well. Coordinate with your crew for assignments, support, and safe item storage. If a teammate falls, any scrap they carried is almost-certainly lost unless stored on your ship. Avoid taking unnecessary risks on higher threat “eclipse” planets. With some teamwork, all players can escape alive with payload in tow.

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