Master the Art of Medieval Warfare in Inkulinati

Inkulinati is a new turn-based strategy game that offers a unique twist on the genre with its medieval manuscript aesthetic and chaotic battles. As you lead an army of eccentric “Beasts” into ink-splattering warfare, you’ll need equal parts cunning and luck to emerge victorious.

This is one of the most creative game art styles we’ve seen, and it definitely is true to its inspiration – illustrated medieval manuscripts and the margin doodlings of bored monks.

Command an Army of Beasts

A screenshot of the inkulinati video game.
Image credit: Yaza Games

At the core of Inkulinati’s strategic gameplay lies its varied roster of Beasts. These characters range from sword-brandishing rabbits to dogs with spears to human-devouring snails. Each Beast has its own special skills and abilities that can turn the tide of battle.

As you unlock new Beasts, you can assemble different squads with complementary powers for maximum chaos. Pay attention to class-specific abilities too that can interact for even more destructive effects. With strategic unit placement and the right Beasts, you can orchestrate symphonies of devastation against your foes.

Utilize the Power of the Inkulinati Masters

A screenshot of the inkulinati video game.
Image credit: Yaza Games

In addition to commanding your Beastly armies, Inkulinati allows you to harness the power of medieval characters like yourself. Use unique “Hand Actions” to directly intervene in battles by repositioning troops, erecting obstacles, and even exploding your own units when necessary.

Different Inkulinati Masters feature their own distinct talents as well, like healing abilities or confusion spells. Employ these powers judiciously alongside your unit tactics to catch opponents off guard. Just remember that your enemy can use the same ink-fueled tricks against you too!

Conquering Diverse Battlefields

To succeed in Inkulinati, you must tailor your approach to each different Battlefield. These realms feature their own distinct environmental hazards and helpers that you can manipulate to your benefit. Watch out for roaming Hell’s Maws, take shelter behind spontaneously appearing barriers, and unleash Exploding Pots of Beans on your hapless foes.

Then, just when you’ve formulated the perfect plan, Apocalyptic events like plagues and fires can sweep across the battlefield, forcing you to adapt your strategy on the fly or even use the chaos to mount an unlikely comeback.

Take On AI Masters and Friends

Inkulinati game map
Image credit: Yaza Games

Inkulinati offers multiple gameplay modes to test your skills. The single-player Journey mode features an ever-changing narrative campaign as you battle AI Masters, tame Beasts, and ultimately throw a raging medieval party. You can also customize your own Inkulinati Master with unique abilities.

Local multiplayer enables you to challenge friends and family to intense duels, with full customization of matches. With various difficulty options, even newcomers can get up to speed on their way to becoming Inkulinati Masters.

The Indie Polish Developer Behind Inkulinati

Inkulinati comes from Yaza Games, a small indie studio based in Poland. The team aims to craft delightful worlds filled with absurdist humor.

This fusion of approaches gives rise to Inkulinati’s signature blend of depth and silliness. Daedalic Entertainment, renowned for supporting indie developers for over 17 years, serves as publisher for Inkulinati. By bringing the game to every major platform, Daedalic shares Yaza’s vision of spreading Inkulinati’s ink splatters and smiles far and wide.

Immerse Yourself in Medieval Absurdity

Beyond its strategic depth lies Inkulinati’s whimsical creativity. Inspired by actual medieval marginalia art, the game’s visuals capture all the absurd hilarity people found funny 700 years ago.

As you play Inkulinati, you’ll bear witness to numerous bizarre and hilarious details that lighten up the tension between ruthless battles. The game is out now on Steam, GOG, Xbox X|S & Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 and 5.

For more information, visit the Inkulinati website and YouTube, and check the game out on Steam.

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