Survive the Nightmare Hordes in 20 Minutes Till Dawn, Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch

Horror fans and roguelite enthusiasts, mark your calendars! 20 Minutes Till Dawn is shambling its way onto Nintendo Switch worldwide on December 21st, just in time to creep your holidays. This survival shooter roguelite by solo developer Flanne will be priced at an indie-friendly $4.99 USD digitally (or equivalent in your local currency).

Lovecraftian Roguelite Gameplay

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So what bloody mysteries lie in wait with 20 Minutes Till Dawn? Similarly to other “Survivor” genre games, players will need to survive a 20 minute onslaught against endless waves of sinister Lovecraftian monsters and minions. With each creeping corruption that leaks through, you’ll uncover the twisted invasion threatening our reality. Find powerful weapons, equip game-changing runes, and master supernatural abilities in order to hold off the encroaching hordes.

Craft Your Build

This methodical roguelite features a deep progression system that carries across loops, allowing you to permanently upgrade, evolve, and experiment each round. Defeating otherworldly bosses grants Tomes with huge boosts for your attempt. Discover runes with unique effects to further augment your playstyle. Combine these elements to craft breakthrough builds and push further against the endless night.

Precise Combat

20 Minutes Till Dawn's character selection screen.

20 Minutes Till Dawn also stands out with its calculated twin-stick shooter combat. Move and aim independently using responsive controls to line up precise attacks against fantasy fiends. Time active reloads between shots for maximum damage. Claim environmental advantages and pin down chokepoints. Through smart play and powerful planning, survive wave after wave in this intense battle for daybreak!

Indie Dream Team

This ambitious roguelite is a collaboration between developer Flanne and publisher Indienova. Flanne is a dedicated solo developer with over 5 years of experience in game design and programming. Indienova is an emerging indie publisher focused on helping indie creators realize their visions. Together they look to bring 20 Minutes Till Dawn’s eerie world to life.

The nightmares are emerging. Will you live to see the dawn? Find out when 20 Minutes Till Dawn launches on Nintendo Switch on December 21st.

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