The Relaxing Puzzle Game “A Little to the Left” Sells Nearly 1 Million Copies

The minimalist puzzle game “A Little to the Left” has reached a major milestone, selling 999,999 copies across PC and Nintendo Switch platforms. Developed by Max Inferno, the game has garnered a dedicated playerbase thanks to its calming gameplay and regular content updates.

Launch and Initial Success

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“A Little to the Left” first launched in November 2022 on PC and Nintendo Switch. The gameplay involves tidying up cluttered spaces by sliding objects into an orderly arrangement. With its simple, satisfying puzzles and cozy aesthetic, the game quickly found an audience among casual gamers looking for a relaxing experience.

Within its first few months, “A Little to the Left” had already sold over 500,000 copies, proving demand for chill, non-violent games geared towards mindfulness and organization.

Active Development and Community Support

A key factor in “A Little to the Left’s” continued success has been Max Inferno’s active development, with regular free content updates adding special seasonal levels. In celebration of the game’s one year anniversary this November, Max Inferno has now rolled out 18 free DLC packs including puzzles themed around Christmas, Halloween, Easter and more.

There is also a paid DLC titled “Cupboards and Drawers” that offers over 25 intricate, multi-layered puzzles. This continued support, paired with the game’s comforting pace and aesthetic, has allowed Max Inferno to retain players and reach almost 1 million copies sold.

The developers have expressed gratitude towards the community for their dedication and enthusiasm. Since launch, fans have supported the game by sharing fan art, streaming playthroughs, and appreciating Max Inferno for their commitment to delivering regular content.

Availability on PC and Switch

A stack of Nintendo cartridges, ideal for puzzle game enthusiasts and those seeking a relaxing gaming experience.

“A Little to the Left” is currently discounted by 35% for the annual Cozy Quest Steam sale, alongside other feel-good indie games like “Loddlenaut”. This has introduced the game to new players while also rewarding existing fans.

Both the base game and the DLC levels are also available on the Nintendo Switch, making it easy to play on the go or enjoy the cozy gameplay from the couch. “A Little to the Left” can provide hours of organization and decoration gameplay across its 400+ levels.

With regular updates still planned, charming nature, and almost 1 million copies sold, “A Little to the Left” has proven there is a large audience looking for non-violent, thoughtful games to provide a sense of calm. Max Inferno has certainly brought joy and tidiness to so many players with this impressive milestone.

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