Age of Water – New Adventure Game Coming to Steam in 2024

Gaijin Entertainment and Three Whales Studio have announced that they will be releasing a new online adventure game called Age of Water on Steam in Q1 2024. The game promises to offer players the chance to explore a flooded post-apocalyptic world, fight pirates, trade goods, and even build their own base.

A Watery Wasteland to Explore

In the Age of Water, a tropical island emerges majestically from the vast ocean, where a solitary boat awaits on its shores.
Tropical paradise in Age of Water

Age of Water is set in a future where the entire world has been consumed by water after an unspecified global catastrophe. Players will travel across this water-logged landscape in their battle boat, scavenging submerged ruins and extracting valuable artifacts from the depths. The developers promise a rich world, filled with factions, friends, and secrets to uncover.

Check out the Age of Water trailer below.

Age of Water trailer

Live the Age of Water Pirate Life

The waters of Age of Water are perilous though, filled with pirate gangs and bandits looking to take whatever you have. Players will have to fight or flee from these maritime marauders while also completing missions for the game’s various factions. Defeating pirate Leaders and looting their ships and hideouts could lead to great rewards.

Shape Your Own Adventure

In the Age of Water, a ship gracefully floats in the vast expanse near a majestic building.

Gaijin Entertainment promises that players can tackle the game world at their own pace, either following the main storyline or setting their own path through the flooded landscape. Scavenge, fight, trade, explore, and more as you see fit in this open world.

“We warmly thank the participants of the alpha and beta tests that helped us immensely to move forward with the game… It was very important for us to create an atmosphere of an exciting sea adventure, in which the player feels like the main character of a wonderful story”.  

Yuri Miroshnikov, Age of Water’s Producer

Build and Upgrade Your Battle Boat

Your key tool for surviving Age of Water will be your upgradable battle boat. Fetch quests, trading runs, exploration missions, and pirate raids will all depend on your vessel. Customize your boat for speed, cargo capacity, weaponry, and more to shape it to your playstyle.

Age of Water Early Access

Age of Water is currently set to launch in Early Access on Steam in Q1 2024. Early Access will allow Gaijin to gather player feedback and ideas to help develop the game before its full launch. Those who purchased closed beta access bundles will receive a similarly-priced edition of the Early Access version for free. The price and final release schedule for the game will be announced later on the game’s website.

To learn more about Age of Water and stay up to date on the latest details as the game progresses to launch, visit the official Age of Water website or check it out on Steam.

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