Ride into Battle with Conqueror’s Blade’s New “Avalon” Season

MY.GAMES and Booming Tech Unleash Arthurian-Inspired Content for Siege Warfare MMO

The world of medieval warfare expands with mythology and majesty as Booming Tech and publisher MY.GAMES have officially launched the “Avalon” Season for the popular tactical MMO, Conqueror’s Blade. Avalon brings a host of new content themed around the fabled Knights of the Round Table to the free-to-play online battler, giving players fresh strategies and legends to add to their besieging arsenal.

Recruit Units Straight from Arthurian Lore

Transporting the game into the realm of Arthurian fantasy, the Avalon Season draws inspiration from Celtic and Teutonic myths of ancient Britain. Players can recruit never-before-seen units to their armies, with new cavalry, guards, and knights straight from medieval lore.

Caradoc’s Cavalry represent a swift medium armored unit, skilled with glaive and bow. Perceval’s Royal Guard bring heavy axes and towering pikes as stalwart defenders. And the almighty Queen’s Knights, wreathed in enchanted frost, crash atop the backs of mighty warhorses to break enemy ranks.

Two knights ride into battle with shields and swords, confronting the majestic backdrop of a mountain.

Customize Your Warlord with New Outfits and Bonuses

Along with distinctive appearances and abilities, each Avalon unit will have an Epic skin available to further amplify their grandeur. Players can also augment their own warlords with two knightly Cosmetic Outfits unlockable through the seasonal Battle Pass. Additionally, the Avalon Campaign will feature Weekly Challenges and events offering new quests, bonus rewards and ranked tournaments across the season.

Experience Strategic Medieval Warfare

Two knights on horses ride into battle in front of a castle.

Bringing these myths and content alive is Conqueror’s Blade’s strategic real-time combat. Allowing players to build unique armies from over 13 distinct unit types, customize battalions with doctrines and formations, and besiege rivals in massive online medieval warzones. Part tactical squad management, part third-person action, it’s a free-to-play MMORTS experience offered on PC through the game’s website and Steam.

Embark on New Adventures

So rally the cavalry, muster the footmen, and begin the march on Avalon’s adventures. Glory and conquest await in this bold new season inspired by ancient legend and engineered for modern battle domination. Conqueror’s Blade opens a storied chapter into medieval warfare fantasy, now unlocked for all players to experience.

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