Cozy Co-Op Game Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure Released

Game publisher Jetpack Collective and developer Snowcastle Games recently announced the release of their new cozy co-op adventure game, Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure. Available now on PC for $24.99/€24.50/£20.99, Ikonei Island aims to capture the magical atmosphere of adventure and discovery in a vibrant island paradise.

In Ikonei Island, players can explore a lush, colorful island solo or with friends, farm crops, build and customize their own home, befriend fantastical creatures, and uncover the island’s hidden secrets. With its relaxing gameplay loops focused on creativity and relationships paired with mysterious ruins and occult rituals to investigate, Ikonei Island evokes classics of the cozy simulator genre like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing while putting its own unique spin on the formula.

Craft Your Island Home, Make New Friends

Ikonei Island: A panda in a snowy environment, part of the Earthlock Adventure.
Ikonei Island Screenshot

Central to the Ikonei Island experience is crafting and customizing your character’s home. Players can gather resources around the island to build furniture, decorate both indoor and outdoor areas, and create their perfect island getaway.

The island is also home to a diverse cast of anthropomorphic animal characters to befriend and build relationships with over time. Romance is even an option for players who grow close enough to certain islanders.

Rich Worldbuilding and Mysteries

Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure Trailer

While Ikonei Island’s colorful, laidback vibe creates a relaxing atmosphere, there are hints of a deeper mythology and sinister secrets hidden beneath the surface. The island has a long history tied to the mystical “Earthlock” multiverse created by game studio Snowcastle, with players slowly uncovering this complex lore at their own pace. Strange rituals, pirate raids, and mysterious locked doors also create an overarching sense of adventure and discovery across the game’s wide variety of activities.

Inspired by Classics of the Genre

In interviews about Ikonei Island’s development, the teams at Jetpack Collective and Snowcastle Games cited famous franchises like Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, and My Time at Portia as inspirations for their lighthearted take on farming/island life simulators. Channeling the best elements of these beloved games, Ikonei Island aims to capture a similar sense of childhood wonder and nostalgia.

Launch Day Soundtrack Release

A stunning screenshot of Ikonei Island, showcasing an abundant array of plants and animals in this captivating Earthlock Adventure game.
Ikonei Island Gardening

In addition to the game’s launch on PC, November 10th also marks the debut of the official Ikonei Island soundtrack on streaming platforms. Composed by Theo Nogueira, the soundtrack aims to complement the mood and themes of the game.

Nogueira took inspiration from the game’s characters and environments as well as the wider Earthlock universe to craft memorable, atmospheric tunes that further enhance the immersion in the world of Ikonei Island. Fans eager to listen can find the soundtrack on Spotify, Apple Music, and other major platforms as of November 23rd.

With its inviting world, endearing characters, and wealth of activities from farming to homebuilding to mystery-solving, Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure promises to be a delightfully cozy and engaging experience. Players looking for a non-violent, creativity-focused escape can now sail away to Ikonei Island on PC on Steam, with console versions slated to launch in the future. Keep up to date with news on Youtube and Discord.

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