Cult of the Lamb – Sins of the Flesh Update Promises Exciting New Content

Devs Massive Monster have announced that the highly anticipated Sins of the Flesh update for their popular roguelike cult simulator game Cult of the Lamb will release on January 16th. From what we know about some of the additions, we’re in for some seriously good fun.

The update’s title and main feature stems from a seemingly satire tweet from late November, they hit 300k within a day…

New Weapons and Tools for Your Cult

One of the most exciting additions in the Sins of the Flesh update is the new Blunderbuss weapon. This powerful gun can deal significant damage to enemies and looks like a great new tool for purging heretics. Along with new weapons, your cult will also get access to new tools like different fertilisers and the ability to level up your automation structures to do chores faster.

Deeper Follower Interactions and Progression

This update also promises more depth and progression for your cult followers. Your devotees can now find and care for their own follower egg, nurturing it over time before it hatches into an adorable offspring. There’s also mention of an unspecified new progression system for your flock, adding more complexity to follower interactions.

Quality of Life Improvements

In addition to new content and features, the Sins of the Flesh update also contains some nice quality of life improvements. There will be a new fifth tier for the Janitor Station and Storage Structures, allowing for more space to store resources and items. Other subtle but helpful changes, like an indicator for possible ingredient substitutions in rituals, are also coming.

More Sinful Content Likely on the Horizon

While full details on the update are still limited, it’s clear from the reveal that developers Massive Monster are looking to continue to significantly build on the core Cult of the Lamb experience.

For fans eagerly awaiting this update’s January 16th release, it seems like it will expand the delightfully devilish cult management fun of Cult of the Lamb in creative new ways. The introduction of weapons, deeper follower interactions, storage upgrades, and quality of life changes should flesh out gameplay while keeping the soul of what makes the game so enjoyable.

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