More Chaos Coming in Darktide’s Big December Update

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide’s next major content update arrives this December, bringing new missions, gear, enemies, and gameplay improvements to celebrate the game’s one-year anniversary.

A Cornucopia of New Content

The centerpiece of the anniversary update is the new mission “Warren 6-19,” which takes place in The Carnival’s back alleys. Players will also get their hands on new consumable items called Stimms which provide buffs like increased damage or speed. The update also adds deadly new foes to battle in the form of The Karnak Twins, a time-limited enemy encounter.

To augment your armory, the update introduces Weapon Marks — unique weapon variations with distinct attributes to collect and upgrade. These builds on features added last month like the new Gallowdark zone and “A Call to Arms” story mission, more customization via the inspect feature, and new Veteran abilities.

Anniversary Celebration for a Grimdark Hit

These meaty updates aim to celebrate the first year of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, the new 4-player co-op action game from the makers of the popular Vermintide series. Set in the dystopian hive city of Tertium, Darktide challenges players to carry out dangerous missions against hordes of enemies and colossal bosses.

Darktide December update screenshot showcasing Chaos information offline.

The game was highly anticipated by Warhammer fans, appearing near the top of Steam’s wishlists ahead of its November 30, 2022 launch. The critical reception so far seems to validate that hype, with Darktide receiving “Very Positive” reviews praising its intense and gory combat.

While currently only available on PC, Darktide is slated to launch on Xbox Series X|S as well, bringing the over-the-top co-op experience to more players.

Brutal Anniversary Bash

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide’s one-year anniversary update gives fans plenty to sink their chainswords into, with the new mission, gear, and foes adding more variety and challenge to the bloody grind for loot and xp. Players can experience this new Chaos-fueled content for themselves when the update releases later this December.

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