New Threats and Features Coming in Death Must Die’s Act II Update

The roguelite hack-and-slash game Death Must Die has garnered positive reviews since its early access release on Steam just two weeks ago. Developed by Realm Archive, the indie title combines elements from hit games like Vampire Survivors and Hades to create an addictive gameplay loop focused on defeating undead hordes.

Positive Reception So Far

Death Must Die presents a new location in death's realm - the endless desert. This captivating expansion delivers an array of distinctive features and formidable threats.

Realm Archive has now unveiled the Death Must Die roadmap, outlining major updates planned for the game over the coming months. The first big content drop will be a holiday-themed update arriving on December 20, 2023, potentially featuring festive decorations and enemies wearing Christmas hats.

Act II Bringing Big Changes

However, most players are eagerly awaiting the Act II update expected in the first quarter of 2024. Act II will introduce an entirely new location to explore, with new environments full of menacing undead enemies to fight through.

Central to Act II is the foreboding presence of a mysterious new deity pulling the strings behind the scenes. This god-like being will play a major role in the game’s lore and narrative moving forward. Act II will also add an entirely new playable character with their own unique abilities, items, and more.

More Content Beyond Act II

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Specific details remain undisclosed for now, but the Act II update promises new weapons, blessings, maps, non-playable characters, and expanded lore to delve into. There may also be upgrades to existing game features like talent trees and the capacity for maps.

The developer roadmap indicates even more content coming down the pipeline after Act II launches as well. Future updates may include duo god blessings, additional new characters, deeper talent trees for characters, new item sets, extra blessings options for existing gods, shop rerolls, full item loadout saves, Act III and beyond, localizations into other languages, ongoing quality of life improvements, and more.

Get the Game Now

For those who want to experience Death Must Die in its current early access form, the game is now available on PC via Steam. The Act II update slated for early 2024 is sure to bring exciting new challenges and secrets. Undead hordes beware!

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