Roxxor Rocks the Arena in Death or Glory’s Latest Thunderous Update

Death or Glory, the intense roguelike deckbuilder game currently available in Early Access on Steam, has added an electrifying new Champion named Roxxor in its latest content update. Known for his bone-crunching grapples and earth-shaking slams using beasts as weapons, Roxxor enters the warrior class roster providing strategic, combo-driven combat.

An Orphan Raised in the Wilderness

An illustration of a character holding a tree in a the new deckbuilding game Death or Glory.

Roxxor’s character background is just as intense as his wrestling moves. Growing up an orphan living in the wilderness, Roxxor learned to hunt fierce beasts with his bare hands, now incorporating their power into his own move set for devastating effects. Whether it’s swinging a giant snake as a whip or tossing a roaring T-Rex at enemies, Roxxor has harnessed raw primal energy to pummel his foes.

Adding Deckbuilding Depth as a Warrior Class Champion

As the newest warrior class champion added to Death or Glory’s growing roster, Roxxor promotes hand management and combinations. Warrior class champions have unique resource systems based around playing cards in sequence or combo chains. Planning out high damage attack rounds while conserving cards for defense or healing at critical moments is key. Roxxor introduces new decision making complexity, alongside his eye-popping throws.

Ongoing Content Updates to Enhance Replayability

Roxxor’s launch kicks off Death or Glory’s content plans which include regular monthly updates. These will introduce new champions, maps, game modifiers and limited-time events. Each new champion brings their own path of achievements and unlocks for earning in-game rewards. Special PvE maps will be free additions, encouraging players to challenge Roxxor and company across fresh game modes or themed arenas.

Engaging Players with Unique Turn-Based Combat

An illustration of a T-Rex and a man rocking the arena.

At Death or Glory’s core is a distinctive combat system where players can respond to attacks by chaining cards. Supporting single player roguelike dungeon exploration and 1v1 competitive multiplayer, players can react strategically turn-by-turn building card combos. With five distinct champion classes featuring radically different styles and resource mechanics, mastering combat depth is critical.

Now Available for Free in Early Access

As a free-to-play title in Steam Early Access, Death or Glory incentivizes mastery by letting players unlock champions including the new hot-blooded Roxxor. Alternatively, champions and cosmetic skins can be purchased to support ongoing development. After seeing great early reception marked by over 1,300 players logging 250,000 cards played, Roxxor’s arrival seems poised to shake up matches further.

With intense tactical combat centered around distinct champions, Death or Glory crafts nerve-wracking contests. By integrating Roxxor’s feral fighting style into the fray, the burgeoning indie fan-favorite only raises the successful formula’s ceiling higher. This early access title will continue evolving thanks to the nourishing support and guidance of its impassioned community. Brace yourself to get slammed by Roxxor soon!

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