Absorb Fallen Warriors’ Essence in New Action RPG Deathbound

Trialforge Studio’s latest dark fantasy action RPG Deathbound promises challenging gameplay and deep character customization options. Players will battle through the dangerous world of Ziêminal, absorbing fallen warrior essences to gain powerful new abilities. With its Steam Next Fest demo launching February 5th, 2024, here’s what to expect in this upcoming souls-like title published by Tate Multimedia.

Venture Into the Brutal World of Ziêminal

Deathbound transports players to the mystical land of Ziêminal, where Faith and Science are locked in eternal conflict. Surviving this harsh world means facing scores of deadly enemies, environmental hazards, and menacing bosses. Players take on the role of one of five unique playable characters, each with their own skills and abilities.

To survive Ziêminal’s threats, players must band together in a four-hero party system. You can switch control between characters on the fly, combining their powers for greater effect. Work together and choose wisely to overcome the challenges ahead.

Absorb Fallen Warrior Essences for New Powers

The key hook in Deathbound is the ability to absorb the essences of fallen warriors defeated in combat. These essences grant players powerful new abilities and morphstrikes to use in battle. With dozens of fallen warrior essences to discover, you can create a highly customized character build.

Deathbound's Environment.

The essence absorption system also brings deeper RPG mechanics to the game. Players must balance the relationships between collected essences to prevent in-fighting. Craft specific essence combinations to unlock even greater powers.

Brutal Enemies and Bosses Based on Grief

On their journey, players will battle a wide range of lethal enemies and iconic bosses. These foes are thematically based around the five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Prepare for challenging encounters that will test the limits of your abilities.

To aid in combat, players can visit Akratya, the central city built atop a mesa. Akratya combines steampunk technology with medieval architecture, creating an intriguing location to explore. Trade for powerful weapons and artifacts, take on new quests or uncover lore secrets.

In this action RPG, a group of people in armor skillfully wield swords as they absorb the fallen warriors' essence.

Demo Coming February 2024

Eager players can experience Deathbound early by trying the Steam Next Fest demo, available February 5th 2024. This special demo provides a taste of the full game’s dark fantasy world, intense action combat and fallen warrior essence system.

With its gritty art style, smooth combat and deep customization, Deathbound puts an exciting twist on the popular souls-like RPG formula. See for yourself when the demo launches in February 2024, only on Steam.

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