Dungeon Stalkers Set to Pounce at Steam Next Fest

Action Square has announced that their hotly anticipated title Dungeon Stalkers will be available for hands-on playtesting during Steam Next Fest, running from February 5th through the 12th. This intense dungeon crawler battle royale aims to claw its way to the top of Steam’s most wishlisted games.

Blending Genres for Thrilling Gameplay

Dungeon Stalkers deftly combines the creepy atmosphere of dungeon crawlers with the competitive intensity of battle royale gaming for a unique PvEvP (Player vs. Environment vs. Player) experience. Around 16 players must brave the ever-changing halls of a fantasy dungeon while fighting AI enemies, solving puzzles, and backstabbing their opponents. The last player standing wins the match and the loot collected along the way.

A screenshot of a character from the Dungeon Stalkers video game showcased at Steam Next Fest.

Developer Studio HG, led by producer Han Dae-hoon, has crafted tense and strategic sessions where cooperation can quickly turn to betrayal. Thematic elements like deadly traps and special abilities spice up the survival gameplay.

Enhanced Steam Version to Debut

Fans will get their hands on an improved version of Dungeon Stalkers during Steam Next Fest. Studio HG has been hard at work honing the game based on user feedback from a prior closed playtest. Over 30,000 gamers participated and offered suggestions to enhance areas like communication tools and ranking systems.

A screenshot of a video game showcasing a man in a dark dungeon.

The Steam release introduces key upgrades like integrated voice chat for better team coordination, competitive rankings and rewards to keep the battles fierce, and new character costumes to unlock through skilled play. These features aim to strengthen the community and competitive aspects that received glowing praise in the initial test.

Building Excitement and Gathering Feedback

Action Square previously hosted its own Steam Festival event to debut Dungeon Stalkers and collect early impressions. Players were invited to try the game and provide feedback directly to the developers via Twitch livestreams and the festival website. Supplemental videos on YouTube and the main website explained the project’s core concepts.

A poster promoting Dungeon Stalkers at Steam Next Fest.

Through channels like X and Discord, Action Square plans to actively participate in Steam Next Fest and gather player perspectives. The learnings will continue shaping Dungeon Stalkers as Studio HG works rapidly toward a full release. With the enhancements made since the first test, the game looks poised to make a killer impression on its second big showcase.

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