Explore the Twisted World of Limbo in Atomic Heart’s New DLC

Atomic Heart has transported players to a surreal alternate universe Soviet setting, but its latest DLC goes even further by taking the battle into the darkest corners of one character’s mind. Trapped in Limbo explores the fate of Major P-3, sending players on a quest through his personal purgatory that promises thrilling action and startling revelations.

Face Your Demons in the Land of Limbo

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Trapped in Limbo casts players as P-3’s essence as she traverses the unsettling landscape of Limbo on a mission to free the Major’s mind from the demons that have imprisoned it. Drawing on the previous DLC’s alternate ending, Annihilation Instinct, Trapped in Limbo features unconventional mechanics and combat centered around collecting apples for skills and weapons and gold coins for unique skins.

The choices you make will determine whether P-3 regains his sanity or remains trapped forever. Along the way, you’ll uncover secrets about his past and the true nature of Limbo while facing challenges unique to this nightmare realm. With P-3’s essence as your guide, you must be prepared for anything.

Bold New Worlds to Explore

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Trapped in Limbo introduces expansive new zones to traverse, from the bizarre structures of the Infinite Library to the floating islands and abstract shapes of the Paradox Archipelago. Each area overflows with the retro-futuristic style Atomic Heart is known for while dialing the weirdness up to 11.

Facing the minions of Limbo tests your skill against never-before-seen enemies with unique attack patterns and abilities. Customize your playstyle by unlocking combat skills tailored to your preferred approach. From there, take the fight to the factions vying for control of P-3’s fractured mind.

The Truth Behind P-3 Revealed

As you guide P-3’s essence through Limbo, details emerge that shed new light on the Major’s past. Before the events of Atomic Heart, what tragedy led to P-3 unleashing his robots against humanity? Does some part of his humanity remain intact? Uncovering the secrets of his inner demons may be the only way to save him.

Trapped in Limbo delivers a mind-bending journey through one man’s personal hell. Prepare for lethal combat against insane enemies, next-level weirdness, and answers to some of Atomic Heart’s biggest mysteries.

Major P-3’s fate hangs in the balance when Trapped in Limbo releases on February 7 for PC, Playstation and Xbox.

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