Faction Wars and Competitive PvP Come to Black Desert Online

The minds at Pearl Abyss have been busy, closing out the monumental pre-season of their 300-vs-300 player faction war event War of the Roses in Black Desert Online this past weekend.

The ambitious battle saw epic sieges with hundreds of combatants fighting for control and conquest across the game’s expansive territories.

Today Pearl Abyss also introduced a more intimate 15-vs-15 competitive Guild League mode for the game’s seasoned guilds to test their might.

War of the Roses Brings Massive 300 v 300 Faction Battles

A breathtaking video game scene featuring a stunning stone building nestled atop a rugged rocky hill in the immersive world of Black Desert Online.
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Black Desert Online hosted the ambitious pre-season “War of the Roses” event, pitting two factions of 300 players each against one another for control of territories across the game world. The epic conflict raged on as the rival groups mobilized their guilds into massive armies to siege castles and seize valuable locations.

While the pre-season has ended, Pearl Abyss promises that the full launch of the War of the Roses will bring even fiercer battles when it returns.

Black Desert War of The Roses

The developer is taking feedback from the beta test to ensure smooth large-scale combat for the next iteration. Players are eagerly anticipating their chance to jump back into the fray when the event relaunches later this year.

Competitive Guild League Introduced for 15v15 PvP

In addition to the War of the Roses, Black Desert Online also debuted the Guild League – a focused competitive mode tailored for 15v15 guild battles. Top guilds can face off in this new game mode to test their coordination and combat tactics against equally skilled opponents.

The Guild League provides smaller scale, more strategic PvP gameplay that still rewards tight teamwork. Guilds must carefully plan their party composition and gear builds to counter enemies and claim victories. This presents new competitive challenges for BDO’s seasoned guilds.

Black Desert Mobile Gets New Region, Skill Revamps

Meanwhile, Black Desert Mobile has unveiled new areas to explore and significant skill revamps. A new territory called the Land of the Sherekhan offers new quests and enemies for adventurers to overcome. Players can also utilize the new Succession Skill system to customize their character’s abilities.

Black Desert Mobile Succession Skills

With Succession Skills, users can freely mix-and-match skills between all 28 classes. This creates limitless combinations to build their ideal hero. Enhancing Succession Skills further unlocks greater power, by using the craftable in-game item Charm of Succession.

For more information, visit Black Desert Online or Black Desert Mobile, and check out our guide to the most recent Black Desert Online Expansion.

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