Square Enix have announced that they’re bringing the mobile hit FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS to Steam, treating fans to a mesmerizing vision of one of gaming’s most cherished worlds.

EVER CRISIS introduces iconic locales like Midgar, Nibelheim, and the City of Ancients through stunning environments rendered in modern graphics. Players will immediately feel at home in these areas while appreciating subtler visual touches only possible with cutting-edge technology. Longtime fans will reminisce about epic moments from the original game made more magical by polished graphics and effects.

Of course, EVER CRISIS adds its own new twists, expanding the rich lore of FINAL FANTASY VII with additional stories and unseen facets of beloved characters like Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, and Sephiroth. This is FINAL FANTASY VII as nostalgic fans remember it, made more entertaining thanks to advances in gaming.

Strategic, Thrilling Battle Mechanics

A screenshot of the video game

While EVER CRISIS’ visual splendor alone may keep fans happy, the gameplay also remains faithful to the roots of FINAL FANTASY VII. EVER CRISIS retains the quintessential Active Time Battle system that emphasizes strategy over button mashing. Players must juggle decisions like when to unleash a limit break, which healing items to deploy, or the right time to swap a character – all while heroic tunes drive the action to a heart-pounding crescendo.

Fans can customize their perfect party by mixing and matching from over a dozen playable heroes and villains. Cloud, Barret, Tifa – they’re all here, along with newcomers like Roche and Cissnei. Players can tailor their team’s performance even further by equipping Materia or obtaining Signature Weapons like the Buster Sword or Twin Stinger gunblade. Then, test your squad’s skill against superbosses from FINAL FANTASY VII’s past – and all-new nemeses.

Play Your Way: Solo or Co-Op

A mesmerizing screenshot capturing the thrilling rooftop encounter between two fierce characters in the highly anticipated game, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis.

However you enjoy gaming, EVER CRISIS accommodates different play styles. Players seeking a personal adventure can brave the game’s challenges entirely solo. This intimate experience allows one to connect deeper with beloved characters across various stories.

But fellowships can also forge new memories together through EVER CRISIS’ multiplayer co-op modes. Here, groups of players can unite to take on elite marks by coordinating their parties’ strengths. Friends can strategize and celebrate monumental victories in real time.

A Feature-Packed Steam Launch

A captivating screenshot featuring a menacing demon adorned with flamboyant flames and sharp horns, reminiscent of the dark and fantastical world of Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis.

As part of the EVER CRISIS Steam launch, Square Enix has packed the PC version with player-friendly features. Cross save capabilities make it seamless to transition EVER CRISIS adventures from mobile to the Steam Deck. New players also receive launch bonuses including 3,000 Blue Crystals for summoning rare characters and equipment.

PC players in select regions can also join an EVER CRISIS x Razer campaign for chances to win customized Razer peripherals like keyboards, mice, and headsets.

The EVER CRISIS Adventure Continues

With EVER CRISIS now on Steam, the journey through FINAL FANTASY VII’s living history continues. Stunning new takes on iconic locations, strategic action-packed battles, and both solo and multiplayer ways to play gives this title incredible depth.

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