Hack, Slash, and Smash Your Way to Glory in the Action-Packed Hammerwatch II

Hammerwatch II brings frantic hack-and-slash action to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5. Gather your friends for chaos and mayhem in this cooperative medieval RPG.

Pixelated Wonderland Awaits

Immerse yourself in Hammerwatch II’s beautiful pixel art world. Journey through the darkened depths of creepy crypts, brave the Scorched Battlefield, and confront vile monsters in vortex-filled domains. With over 100 unique environments across three deadly domains, Hammerwatch Island, the Fallowfields, and Blackbarrow offer endless adventures.

Customize your own Herian Hero from one of five playable classes, each with their own specialty. Bash enemies as a mighty Paladin, pierce foes with arrows as a stealthy Ranger, slice your way to glory as a cunning Rogue, hurl powerful spells as a mystical Wizard, or curse your enemies as a devious Warlock. With talents to unlock, gear to hoard, and skins to show off, you’ll slash, bash, and smash greater foes as you grow in strength.

Thrilling Co-Op Quest

An action-packed screenshot of a video game showing a castle.

Team up with up to three friends, either locally or online, to take on exhilarating quests and vanquish Hammerwatch II’s evils. The maniacal Blight the Horrible and his gruesome dragon army have conquered the kingdom. Join the resistance, defeat his minions, and win back the throne in this epic co-op adventure!

Communication and coordination with your party is key. Each class wields different skills and abilities to form unstoppable teams. Bash through droves of enemies, take on challenging bosses, push your teamwork to the limit, and emerge glorious…or fall trying.

Hack, Slash, and Smash Today!

Hammerwatch II is now available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 for $24.99. Or pick up the special Chronicles Edition for $39.99 for cool digital goodies. A bundle containing both the original Hammerwatch and Hammerwatch II, aptly named Hammerwatch II: The Chronicles Edition, is also on sale digitally for $39.99.

So rally your friends, pick your class, load up on weapons and loot, and prepare for chaotic, cooperative, pixelated mayhem because Hammerwatch II is a pint-sized package overflowing with medieval insanity.

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