Chaos and Mayhem Await in Upcoming Multiplayer Shooter Histera

Get ready for intense, fast-paced action when the upcoming multiplayer shooter Histera launches in Early Access on Steam later this year. Developed by StickyLock, this free-to-play arena shooter throws players into chaotic battles across wildly unpredictable battlefields.

Dynamic Maps Reshape Combat

The key gameplay mechanic setting Histera apart is the Glitch – a space-time anomaly that randomly transforms sections of the map. Buildings may crumble, terrain may shift, and weapon pickups get scrambled without warning thanks to the Glitch. This forces players to continually adapt their strategies instead of relying on memorized level layouts.

Diverse Weapons and Pick-Ups

Players can arm themselves with an array of weapons drawing from different time periods. Charge into battle wielding a plasma rifle or get up close and personal with a prehistoric hunting knife. Scattered across the mutating maps are supply pickups providing ammo, health refills, speed boosts and more. Venture into unstable sections near the Glitch’s epicenter and you may discover even more powerful gear.

Terrains and Eras Collide

A chaos-filled screenshot of a multiplayer shooter game, featuring a gun and intense red lights.

The Glitch combines terrains and architectures from across time. Battle through crumbling modern cities,Text conquered alien planets, mystic ruins and primordial jungles within a single match thanks to the reality-bending anomalies. Histera’s matches support up to 16 players, so expect some truly chaotic clashes.

While details are still scarce, fans can get a taste of the frantic gameplay by wishlisting Histera on Steam. Get ready to adapt your strategy on the fly when this intense multiplayer shooter distorts its way onto Steam Early Access later this year.

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