Get Ready to Renovate Homes in “House Flipper 2” Coming to Consoles in March 2024

Gaming fans have a new home renovation simulator to look forward to next year. Frozen District has announced that “House Flipper 2” will launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X on March 21, 2024. The game will be launching on December 14th on PC, and console players will soon get to experience the satisfying gameplay of renovating, designing, and flipping houses.

Wishlist on PlayStation and Xbox Stores to Stay Updated

“House Flipper 2” can now be added to wishlists on the PlayStation and Xbox stores. Adding the game to your wishlist is a great way to stay up-to-date with new announcements, trailers, and other updates leading up to the launch. Once the game is available, you’ll be notified so you can purchase it right away.

Watch the Console Release Date Trailer

Along with the console launch announcement, Frozen District has also released a dedicated trailer revealing the March 2024 release date. The trailer shows off gameplay footage of the new tools, customization options, and activities that players can look forward to. Visual upgrades for the new consoles are also teased, including improved textures and lighting.

Insights into Features from the Developer Frozen District

To give players a sneak peek into what awaits in “House Flipper 2,” Frozen District has published an exclusive devlog on the game’s website. The devlog outlines some of the biggest improvements and additions compared to the original “House Flipper” game.

One of the most exciting new features is the in-game store, where players can buy various items to furnish and decorate houses. There are over 1000 new items to choose from, including pieces of furniture, decorations, materials, and tools. Players also have more control over designing color schemes to give each house its own unique style.

Stay Tuned for More Updates Leading Up to the Launch

While the March 2024 console release date may seem far away, fans of the “House Flipper” franchise have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. Frozen District will likely publish more devlogs and trailers to showcase the tools, customization system, gameplay modes, and other features.

For the latest news and updates, be sure to follow “House Flipper 2” on social media and check the official website regularly. The home renovation simulator has already built a strong following on PC, and the console launch will open up the experience to even more gamers.

Relax and Renovate When “House Flipper 2” Hits Consoles Next Year

With its satisfying home renovation gameplay loop, expanded customization tools, and new items to discover, “House Flipper 2” is shaping up to be a must-have title for console players in 2024. The ability to fully renovate homes exactly how you want will appeal to interior design fans and those looking for a relaxing gameplay experience. Add “House Flipper 2” to your wishlist now so you’re ready to start flipping homes when it launches.

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