Spooky New Zone and Playable Characters Arrive in Honkai Star Rail’s Crepuscule Update

HoYoverse’s popular Gacha RPG Honkai Star Rail is getting a creepy new update on November 15th. Version 1.5, dubbed “The Crepuscule Zone,” brings an eerie new location, three fresh playable characters, and exciting events to the acclaimed gacha game.

Enter the Haunted Fyxestroll Garden

A creepy screenshot of a city in a video game, captured during the twilight hours in an eerie zone.

The highlight of this update is the addition of Fyxestroll Garden, located in Xianzhou’s Luofu region. Described as a hotbed of paranormal activity, this area is shrouded in a gloomy dusk-like ambience. Players will encounter restless spirits and malevolent beings called heliobi as they unravel mysterious incidents.

Assemble your own ghost-hunting squad to explore the garden’s supernatural secrets. The shadowy Ten-Lords Commission may also lend a hand in dealing with sinister forces. With an unsettling atmosphere and paranormal cases, Fyxestroll Garden looks set to deliver thrilling adventures.

Three New Playable Characters Debut

Huohuo from Honkai Star Rail's new update.

Version 1.5 brings three new characters into the fold, each boasting unique designs, abilities, and backgrounds.

Huohuo is a vibrant five-star Wind-type character who wields a symbolic banner as her weapon. She can restore allies’ HP and provide energy buffs, making her a strong support addition.

The mysterious four-star Hanya uses her powers to read karmic sins and afflict foes with a Burden state. Her occult-themed skillset should prove useful against spectral enemies.

Finally, the elegant five-star Knight of Beauty, Argenti, unleashes a special Ultimate ability consuming large amounts of energy. Her noble upbringing gives her a cultured flair.

More Events, Updates, and Modes

A spooky screenshot of a court with blue lights in the background, featuring the Honkai Star Rail and the Crepuscule Update.

Aside from major content additions, players can expect multiple events offering prizes like summon tickets and upgrade materials. The Guest Book feature will also be updated with new customization options.

For an extra challenge, take on the new “Simulated Universe: World 8” mode pitting your squad against powerful enemies. With increased difficulty and rewards, it should satisfy veterans.

An Enticing New Chapter

With an eerie setting, three fascinating new characters, and plenty of events and challenges, Honkai Star Rail’s Version 1.5 update looks set to enthral players. The introduction of The Crepuscule Zone heralds an excitingly sinister new saga for the game’s community to enjoy. Keep your eyes peeled for “The Crepuscule Zone” coming November 15th.

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