Knights Within – Medieval and Sci-fi Fusion Roguelike

Prepare to dive into a unique blend of sci-fi and fantasy in the upcoming roguelite game Knights Within. Developer Indecision Labs is bringing something fresh to the genre by fusing medieval and futuristic elements into intense skill-based combat.

Knights Within – Blending Genres

Knights Within sees medieval warriors outfitted with advanced technology as they take on enemies from the world of dark fantasy. Players will hack, slash, and shoot their way through procedurally generated levels, facing greater challenges with each run. While randomness often plays a big role in roguelites, the focus here is on mastering combat through skill and strategy.

The game draws inspiration from co-op classics like Warhammer: Vermintide, Helldivers, and Risk of Rain. The result is an inventive hybrid promising to deliver a distinctive roguelite experience later this year.

Featuring Procedural Map Design

The procedural maps in Knights Within feature two major biomes: overgrown ruins and a high-tech alien complex. Players must adapt their tactics to tackle the complex combat challenges presented in each area. With an emphasis on skill-based gameplay, paying attention to enemy behaviors and attack patterns will prove critical to survival.

The open-style maps change with every run, keeping the experience fresh. Along with familiar medieval weapons, players will utilize future tech like energy blades, plasma rifles, grenade launchers, and more to battle the horrors ahead.

A futuristic screenshot of a roguelite shooter game in the woods.

Extensive Customization & Replayability

Beyond the procedurally generated levels, Knights Within incorporates elements to enhance replay value like modifiers that alter in-mission rules. The game also promises extensive gear and weapon customization so players can fine-tune their combat style.

On top of the 1-3 player campaign, an endless difficulty climber mode will push the most hardcore roguelite veterans. With so much variety, each run presents new stories to tell.

Try Before You Buy

Gamers can test out Knights Within right now as part of Steam Next Fest until February 12th, 2024. Indecision Labs has delivered well-received titles before, so expectations are high for their latest project.

A futuristic castle battle illuminated by a green light.

If the fusion of fantasy and sci-fi gameplay clicks, Knights Within could become the next big hit when it launches in Early Access later this year. Will you answer the call and join the futuristic knights?

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