Shift the Tides in Your Favor as Loot River Flows to PlayStation

The uniquely creative action roguelike game Loot River is headed to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 systems on December 19th, 2023. This spatial combat adventure immerses players in shifting islands and real-time Tetris-like block manipulation as they battle enemies and loot treasure.

Shape the Battlefield to Your Advantage

A key feature in “Loot River” is the Relic, an ancient artifact that grants the power to rotate and shift the terrain. Players can slide blocks and align paths to access new areas, solve puzzles, kick foes into hazards, and gain strategic advantages in combat. Mastering Relic skills creates limitless possibilities to conquer perceptual platforming challenges.

Gear Up with Lethal Weapon Synergies

Discover an expanding arsenal featuring swords, spells, bows, cannons, grenades, and special attacks. Mix magic, technology, and melee to assemble unique builds. Take down menacing demons, knights, liches, automatons, and colossal bosses on your quest for riches. Through each death and respawn, unlock permanent progression upgrades to push deeper into the ever-changing world.

Updated for PlayStation with Creation and Optimization

A screenshot of the dungeon in the video game Loot River.

This PlayStation release improves upon the original with a toolkit for aspiring designers. The new user-friendly level editor supports cross-platform sharing, encouraging collaborative creativity. Loading times have also been reduced by over 50% alongside frame rate boosts for smoother traversal, combat, and manipulation of the procedurally generated environments molded from scattered squares.

Shifted Perspective on Randomized Adventures

Blending spatial puzzles, real-time strategy and Dark Souls-inspired combat, Loot River provides a novel roguelike experience with great replay value. Tactical block shifting consummates the compelling action, earning widespread critical acclaim.

Creative Director Miro Straka says, “Thank you to everyone who has supported the game so far and continues to do so as we’ve made improvements since the game’s original release. With this PlayStation release and the updates that will be joining it across every platform, Loot River will be better than ever.” Shift expectations and master the tide in Loot River when it arrives on PS5 and PS4 on December 19th!

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