Medieval Life Sim Bellwright Coming December 2023

Bellwright, an upcoming medieval life simulation game that mixes elements of Mount & Blade and Medieval Dynasty, finally has a release date. Developer Donkey Crew and publisher Snail announced that Bellwright will launch in Early Access on PC in December 2023, followed by a full release on consoles in 2024.

Simulation, City Building and Strategy Combine

Unlike the more peaceful settlement experience of Medieval Dynasty, Bellwright aims to provide a grittier and more dangerous medieval world. Players start alone in the wilderness and must build up a settlement from nothing, all while seeking revenge against the royal family that wronged them.

Bellwright combines deep village simulation mechanics with large-scale strategic combat. Players must manage every detail of their growing settlement, from villager needs to production chains. However, military might is also essential, requiring players to outfit and command their own army.

Customize Your Medieval Experience

A major highlight of Bellwright is the ability to fully customize your character, settlements, and troops. Players can choose how to develop their protagonist’s skills across multiple playstyles. The equipment and tactics of your military forces are also under your control.

Additionally, Bellwright features both solo and multiplayer co-op modes. Team up with friends to build your fledgling settlement into a thriving domain. Coordinate tactics and share resources while seeking your revenge.

Early Access for Holiday 2023

In the medieval life sim game Bellwright, players navigate a wooded area alongside a group of people.

Bellwright’s Early Access launch is planned for December 2023 on PC via Steam. This early version will include the main single-player mode with settlement building, villager simulation, combat, and exploration. Players can expect frequent updates during the Early Access period adding extra content and features.

The full version of Bellwright will then come to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in 2024. This will mark the game’s complete console debut with enhanced graphics and expanded gameplay options tailored for controllers.

For gamers craving a complex medieval world blending top-down real-time combat with deep colony simulation mechanics, Bellwright presents an exciting new experience. While the wait continues for this medieval life sim, fans can look forward to taking the fight to their enemies before the year’s end.

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