NACON Releases It’s Revolution 5 Pro Controller

French gaming accessory company NACON has just released the Revolution 5 Pro controller for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. This premium controller was designed in collaboration with professional gamer Mister Crimson to set new standards for performance, durability, and customization.

The Revolution 5 Pro is now available in stores and online for £199.99, or around $240 USD and $350 AUD.

Unparalleled Performance Through Innovative Tech

At the heart of the Revolution 5 Pro is NACON’s hall effect analog technology which uses magnetic fields to detect joystick movement. This reduces friction for smooth, precise aim and movement.

Check out the trailer for the Revolution 5 Pro controller

The controller also features adjustable weights and sticks with interchangeable heads to optimize feel and response. These features allow gamers to customize the Revolution 5 Pro to their exact preferences and playstyle.

The controller delivers over 10 hours of battery life and can be used wirelessly or wired with the included detachable USB-C cable. It is fully compatible with PS5, PS4, and PC.

The Revolution 5 Pro also introduces useful innovations like Trigger Blockers to adjust trigger sensitivity and ergonomic shortcuts for quick access to functions like adjusting volume.

Built Tough for Elite Gamers

NACON constructed the Revolution 5 Pro out of premium materials like aluminum, steel, and high-quality plastics engineered for comfort. The enhanced grip gives gamers more control even during marathon gaming sessions.

The hall effect sticks and overall durable design also prevents premature wear. NACON put the Revolution 5 Pro through rigorous testing and fine-tuned the controller based on feedback from esports professionals like Mister Crimson. This ensures the Revolution 5 Pro can withstand elite competitive play.

Extensive Customization Options

What really sets the Revolution 5 Pro apart is the unparalleled level of customization offered. Gamers can create tailored controller profiles optimized for specific games. They can adjust stick sensitivity, trigger activation points, vibration intensity, and button mapping.

The controller features interchangeable stick heads and bases. There are also six included 10g weights allowing up to 60g of adjustable weight per handle. With over 60 customization options, gamers can truly make the Revolution 5 Pro their own.

The Revolution 5 Pro looks to be a must-have accessory for serious PS5 and PC gamers wanting to gain an edge through enhanced performance, durability, and customization. If you’re interested in more information, go to the NACON website.

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