Hop Between Worlds in Necesse’s Epic Multiplayer Update

The open-world survival craft game Necesse has introduced its highly anticipated update that enables world-hopping multiplayer adventures. This major patch opens up exhilarating possibilities for both communal and solo play.

Necesse takes a page out of Terraria’s book!

Retain Your Hard-Earned Loot Across Worlds

The headline feature allows players to travel between different worlds while keeping their inventory and character progress intact. You can now join your friends’ servers using your main character instead of needing to create new ones from scratch every time. This makes it far easier to explore different worlds together, going on quests and bringing back rare items without loss.

No longer will your precious loot be stuck in someone else’s server when you leave! The update eliminates previous restrictions, empowering cooperative play between worlds.

Thrilling New Biome Awaits Brave Explorers

A screenshot of a multiplayer house in the Necesse game world.

Alongside the multiplayer improvements, the update introduces an eerie new biome for high-level players. Dark marshes populated with ruins, ghost towns, and spectral horrors offer new environmental challenges. Surviving here allows you to take on powerful wraith bosses and earn exclusive magical items.

Solo players also benefit from major changes, including new survival gameplay elements like food spoilage. And enhanced NPC interactions let you form parties to take on groups of monsters. Both communal and solo play receive boosts in this beefy new patch.

50% Off for a Limited Time

To celebrate the major update’s launch, Necesse is available at a 50% discount until January 4th, 2024, cutting the Steam price to $9.99. Now through the Winter Sale is the perfect time to either gift the game to a friend or finally try it out yourself.

The world-traversing multiplayer update delivers long-awaited features that breathe new life into the growing Early Access game. Community servers will never be the same again.

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