New Content and Free Xbox Trial for Arcade Shooter Railbreak

Popular on-rails shooter Railbreak is getting exciting new content across all platforms, with a free trial version now available on Xbox Series X|S. Developed by indie studio Dead Drop Studios, Railbreak first launched last year on Xbox, PlayStation 5, and PC to positive critical and fan reception.

More Modes, Characters, Updates Improve Fast-Paced Shooter

A woman in Railbreak, a thrilling video game experience.

Recent updates have added new features to Railbreak, including volume controls for character voices, graphics filters, and tweaks to improve performance. The extra polish makes the game’s frenetic gunplay and flashy visuals even more appealing.

But Dead Drop Studios isn’t done improving Railbreak yet. An upcoming content update will add an entirely new mode to the game’s already substantial lineup of Boss Rush, Glitch Gauntlet, and story-driven operations. The update will also come with an additional playable character, though details are still scarce. These additions will be free across all platforms.

Check out the trailer for Railbreak below.

Railbreak trailer

Free Xbox Trial Offers Taste of Arcade Action

For players still on the fence about Railbreak, Xbox Series X|S owners can now try before they buy with a special free trial version. This trial includes tastes of the game’s various modes, spotlighting its unique blend of explosive arcade gameplay and tactical decision making across diverse stages.

The trial is the perfect way to experience Railbreak’s dynamic offering of elemental weapons, buff-granting modifiers, multiple difficulties, and co-op functionality. Players who enjoy the trial will be able to transfer their progress over to the full version.

Railbreak Lauded for Retro Style, Thrilling Gameplay

A thrilling Railbreak scene with zombies in a room.

With colorful voxel graphics and relentless hordes of enemies, Railbreak delivers action reminiscent of retro arcade and sci-fi shooters. Critics have praised both the game’s presentation and addictive gameplay, filled with over-the-top weapons, spectacle, and challenge.

Optimized to take advantage of next-gen power and mobility, Railbreak looks stunning on the Steam Deck. The handheld’s touch controls provide greater immersion for this first-person shooter on the go.

More Railbreak Content on the Horizon

Dead Drop Studios hasn’t revealed full details for post-launch support, but the developer plans to release more Railbreak content well into 2023 and beyond. Players can look forward to even more modes, expansions to the existing campaign, and new cosmetic items at the very least.

The studio’s next major title, the survival horror game Outbreak: Shades of Horror, will launch in 2025 for consoles and PC. In the meantime, the Railbreak train shows no signs of stopping. Check it out on Steam, EPIC Games Store, Xbox Store or the Playstation store.

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