New Sniper in VALORANT’s Episode 8 Act I

Riot Games has announced a host of new additions coming to its popular tactical shooter VALORANT with the launch of Episode 8 Act I on January 9th. Headlining the updates is the introduction of the powerful OUTLAW sniper rifle, designed to enable an aggressive sniping playstyle. Players will also be able to battle through the Act I Battle Pass, unlock the stealthy Kuronami skinline, and more.

OUTLAW Sniper Rewrites the Rules of Distance Combat

The Outlaw sniper rifle in Valorant.

The marquee addition in Act I is the new OUTLAW sniper rifle. As a high-impact double-barreled sniper rifle, the OUTLAW bucks the traditional norms of long-distance weapons in tactical shooters. Instead of methodical, patient play, the OUTLAW is built to enable and reward aggressive rushdowns with its unique two-shot design.

Off the bat, the OUTLAW hits for 250 damage to the head, 140 to the body and 119 on legshots. With a wall-penetrating shot dealing 125. This means that enemies without armour will die to legshots or through walls – giving a major boost to agents like Sova and his recon dart.

All of that on top of the solid 2400 credit cost makes the OPERATOR pretty much useless now, I’m certain we’ll see some nerfs soon to bring it more in-line with the MARSHAL. Personally I’m looking to take it down A Hall on Breeze.

The gun allows players to fire both barrels in quick succession for a lethal one-shot kill at close ranges. At longer distances, firing twice in fast taps can take out enemies before they have a chance to react. The OUTLAW seems poised to shake up the meta for Valorant snipers and could quickly become a fan favorite for daredevil players.

Kuronami Skinline Brings Stealthy Style

The new Kuronami Kusarigama melee weapon. (Credit to Riot Games)

Along with the new gun, Riot Games is launching the Kuronami skinline in Episode 8 Act I, featuring melee weapons, rifles, pistols and more. Built around a shadowy ninja theme, the Kuronami weapons offer speed and stealth to match the lighter and quicker playstyles of agents like Jett and Reyna.

The slick Kusarigama is an instant standout, while the other weapon skins featuring elements like suppressed barrels and sleek wrapped handles should make you feel like a merciless video game assassin. For players who gravitated to the stealthy ways of Omen or Yoru, the Kuronami skinline seems like a perfect match.

Battle Pass Offers New Ways to Style

A hand holding a gun in front of a valorant building.

No VALORANT Act would be complete without an all-new Battle Pass, and Riot Games is bringing some heat for Episode 8 Act I. The pass features skins like the psychedelic Fiber Optic Ghost pistol and the Tactiplay Phantom rifle, alongside accessories like gun buddies, cards and sprays so you can show off your style.

A gun with a VALORANT scope in an alleyway.

Players can unlock these items by completing daily and weekly challenges, shooting their way up through the tiers to claim the top prizes. With so many coveted skins and accessories up for grabs, expect to see plenty of players grinding their way to level 50 over the coming weeks. Along side all this, Riot Games is dropping Season 14 of League of Legends, with a major switchup of the item system and map changes.

There promises to be something for all types of VALORANT players when Episode 8 Act I goes live on January 9th. Whether you love getting up close for flashy Outlaw kills, stylizing with the Kuronami skinline or showing off Battle Pass items, this first act of 2024 offers exciting new ways to play and new looks to chase after. So lock and load your mains, because there are fresh updates inbound to the world of VALORANT.

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