Outcast – A New Beginning Brings Open-World Action and Adventure This March

Appeal Studios and THQ Nordic have officially announced the upcoming release of Outcast – A New Beginning, an open-world action-adventure game coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

THQ Nordic have developed and published an impressive list of strong titles including Darksiders, Alone in the Dark, Titan Quest and Remnant 2, and this new open-world action-adventure looks like it might deliver the same expansive exploration and guerrilla warfare that made the original 1999 title a cult classic.

Ex-Navy SEAL Leads Talan Uprising for Control

Outcast a new beginning in an open-world city nestled within a forest.

In Outcast – A New Beginning, players take on the role of Cutter Slade, an ex-Navy SEAL who uses guerrilla tactics to weaken enemy bases and lead the native Talan people in an uprising to regain control of their planet, Adelpha. Slade utilizes weapons crafted from salvaged alien technology while coordinating attacks on the occupying forces.

Vast Open World Offers True Freedom of Exploration

A standout feature of the original Outcast returns in this sequel – the massive, open game world with no boundaries.

Outcast trailer

This creates limitless opportunities for players to explore hidden temples, encounter unusual wildlife, and uncover secrets at their own pace. Appeal Studios has enhanced the visuals and performance to take full advantage of modern hardware while retaining the spirit of the original.

Customizable Jetpack and Weapons Add Strategic Depth

Experience a new beginning in the open-world game Outcast, as you soar through the lush jungle with a majestic dragon.

Cutter navigates the expansive landscape of Adelpha using his versatile jetpack which features upgradeable modules such as boosters, grappling hooks, and more.

Players can customize their playstyle by mixing and matching jetpack modules along with crafting signature weapons using different alien technology. This allows players to strategize their approach to infiltrating enemy camps through stealth or more aggressive assaults.

Premium Adelpha Edition Announced

Outcast A new Beginning capturing the vastness of its open-world environment

Alongside the standard release, THQ Nordic revealed the Adelpha Edition of Outcast – A New Beginning which includes the following physical items for hardcore fans:

  • Highly-detailed Cutter Slade vs. Guardian statue
  • Exclusive steelbook case
  • Physical game discs
  • Soundtrack audio CDs
  • Hardcover art book

Pre-Order Now with Exclusive Discounts

Gamers can pre-order Outcast – A New Beginning now on PC and console platforms at up to a 17% discount off the $59.99 USD MSRP.

Outcast – A New Beginning Release Date

Outcast – A New Beginning launches for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on the 15th of March this year.

Visit Steam, the Playstation store, or the Xbox Games store, or for more information on the game, check out the website or the Discord channel.

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