Pastaspace’s Open-World Space RPG Underspace Launching in 2024

Independent game developer Pastaspace Interactive has announced the upcoming release of their highly-anticipated open-world space RPG, Underspace.

A Vast, Handcrafted Galaxy Awaits

An image of a spaceship in underspace.

Underspace thrusts players into a lush, vivid vision of space filled with sights both wondrous and terrifying. The game contains over 70 entirely handcrafted solar systems, each filled with secrets and adventure.

Players will encounter over 20 massive bosses and hundreds of enemies as they travel between unique planets, space stations, asteroid belts, and other celestial wonders.

Sandbox Freedom in an Ever-Changing Galaxy

As disgraced noble Kardoz, players are free to carve their own path across the stars in Underspace. Choose to take on jobs as a mercenary, courier, miner, or pirate.

Interact and build reputation with over 40 factions vying for power and influence. Embark on over 30 side quests that can change the balance of power in the galaxy. With dynamic simulation elements, every playthrough of Underspace presents a distinct experience.

Features of Underspace include:

  • Play Your Way – Choose from roles like mercenary, miner, courier, or pirate to shape your destiny.
  • Traverse 70 Systems – Explore handcrafted star systems filled with secrets and weather anomalies.
  • Lovecraftian Bosses – Battle world-eating serpents and other eldritch horrors among 20+ bosses.
  • Dynamic Combat – Dodge and blast enemies utilizing speed and aggression in frantic battles.
  • Customizable Ships – Fly and outfit 60+ distinct ships with 150+ modules.
  • Faction Intrigue – Interact with 40 factions across 30+ quests that change the galaxy.

Lovecraftian Horrors Lurk in the Dark

A visually captivating screenshot of the mystifying Underspace video game.

Though visually stunning, the galaxy of Underspace hides untold horrors that will haunt even the most hardened space veterans. Inspired by the twisted cosmic horror of H.P. Lovecraft, Underspace mixes sci-fi and eldritch madness for a unique setting.

Players must maintain their sanity while navigating violent electrical storms, parasitic entities, dangerous cultists, and a pantheon of dark gods who promise only annihilation.

Customize Your Way Through a Dangerous Galaxy

Success in Underspace requires more than just strong piloting skills. Players can customize and upgrade their own spacefighters with diverse hulls, weapons, engines, and other modules.

Utilize stealth, speed, and firepower to survive against pirates, assassins, mercenaries, and cosmic beasts lurking at every hyperspace jump point.

Enter a Massive Multiplayer Galaxy

Alongside the single-player campaign, Underspace will feature online multiplayer at launch. Join up to 32 players as you battle for riches and explore the most dangerous corners of the galaxy.

Pastaspace Interactive

Veteran game developer Kevin Brock is best known in the gaming world for his beloved Thomas the Tank Engine dragons mod for Skyrim.

However, for the past 6 years he has quietly been working on realizing his ultimate vision – a spiritual successor to spacefaring classics like Freelancer.

Underspace Release Date

Underspace is set to launch on April 10, 2024 on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG. For more information about the game, visit the Pastaspace website.

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