Railbreak: Classic Arcade Shooting Comes to Next-Gen Consoles

A new set of developers are bringing back the action of thrilling on-rails shooting action to next-generation consoles and PC later this year with the release of Railbreak. Offering non-stop arcade intensity along with stunning visuals powered by Unreal Engine 5, Railbreak aims to become the new gold standard for the genre when it launches on December 22nd.

Classic Shooting Action with An Entertaining Storyline

While staying true to its arcade roots with relentless shooting action, Railbreak also incorporates an entertaining storyline spread across seven distinct scenarios in the Story mode. Players will battle through these action-packed levels while uncovering an engaging narrative, all conveyed through fully-voiced characters to draw you into the experience.

Varied Game Modes for Replayability

New Footage from Railbreak, developed by the team behind House of the Dead.

Beyond the Story mode, Railbreak offers addictive high score chasing in Score Attack mode along with intense horde battles in the endless Onslaught mode. With three distinct ways to play plus optional co-op, Railbreak provides plenty of replayability and longevity.

Beautiful Next-Gen Visuals

Running on Unreal Engine 5, Railbreak really shows off the graphical capabilities of the latest consoles and gaming PCs. Impressive volumetric lighting and weather effects along with destructible environments truly immerse players into each scenario. The dismemberment system also dynamically affects gameplay while providing visceral satisfaction.

Customizable Controls and Difficulty

A group of zombies in a classic arcade shooting video game.

Veteran rail shooter fans can amp up the challenge with higher difficulties and authentic light gun controls on PC. But new players can also ease into the experience with multiple assist options and optimized gamepad controls. With seven playable characters to choose from, each with unique abilities and loadouts, Railbreak encourages replays and mastery.

Get Ready for Launch Day

Railbreak delivers a welcome dose of pure arcade action to modern platforms. Relive the glory days of coin-op classics in your home starting December 22nd. Pre-order now on Xbox Series X|S for $19.99 to play day one.

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