Rainbow Six Siege Street Fighter Bundle

Two new bundles are coming to Rainbow Six Siege featuring iconic characters Chun-Li and Ryu. Operators Ying and Grim are getting premium cosmetics to transform into the famous fighters from Street Fighter 6.

Suit up with Ying’s Chun-Li bundle to take down your opponents with lightning kicks. Or master the art of Ansatsuken with Grim’s Ryu bundle, equipped with his iconic red headband. Both bundles feature themed weapon skins, charms, and more to complete the look.

Whether you grew up throwing hadokens or perfecting your lightning kick, these Street Fighter 6 bundles let you bring those legends to Rainbow Six Siege. Ying and Grim are ready to channel Chun-Li and Ryu in style.

Check out the Street Fighter bundles in Rainbow Six Siege below.

Rainbow Six Siege Street Fighter bundle

Visit Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege Website for more information, and check out our comprehensive guide to the upcoming Operation Deep Freeze season launching on November 28 on the Test Server and live servers later in 2023.

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