Realm of Ink Developer Walkthrough Reveals Scarlet Sword and Mysterious Ink Gems

Realm of Ink is an upcoming action roguelite game from indie publisher 663 Games that combines traditional Chinese-style ink painting with modern graphics. 663 Games has now released the first developer walkthrough, providing an early glimpse at Realm of Ink’s weapons, powers and artistic style.

Wield the Mighty Yet Graceful Scarlet Sword

The walkthrough video focuses heavily on the Scarlet Sword, an ornately designed weapon that the main character can wield in Realm of Ink’s dark fantasy world. Both light and heavy attacks are shown, with the heavy attack being chargeable for devastative damage to groups of enemies.

Despite the Scarlet Sword’s intricate details, the overall art style aims more for grace and fluidity rather than over-detailing. Chinese watercolor and ink painting inspirations are clearly visible in the BACKGROUND environments and enemy designs.

Ink Gems Offer AOE, DOT and More

Aside from melee combat, players also have access to magical Ink Gems that unlock spells and abilities in Realm of Ink. The walkthrough demonstrates two Ink Gems in action.

Venom Ink spreads poison in an area-of-effect, damaging multiple enemies over time. Meanwhile, Quake Ink slams the ground to create a lingering field that damages enemies inside it. Quake Ink also grants the player temporary shielding for survival.

Realm of Ink's fluid combat system.

The inks and paints theme is deeply woven into Realm of Ink’s world. Finding more Ink Gems likely unlocks even more stylistic abilities to defeat the monstrous inhabitants and master each level’s unique art style.

Stay Tuned for More Realm of Ink

Realm of Ink’s distinct and gorgeous art direction combined with roguelite action seeks to offer next-level immersion. The narrative also promises to explore thoughtful philosophical themes amidst the ink-based mayhem.

A free demo is already available on Steam, with the full game slated to launch on PC and consoles in 2024. Keep an eye out for more Realm of Ink updates and gameplay reveals from 663 Games leading up to release. Chinese ink painting has never looked so lethal yet beautiful.

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