Scribes Unite Against Evolving Foes in New Co-Op Roguelike

Alvios Games has announced an intriguing new co-op action roguelike coming to PC in 2024 titled Vellum. In this colorful game, players take on the role of magical Scribes defending the Illuminated Library of Vellum from enemies known as the Torn that feed on fables and stories.

A roguelike is a subgenre of roleplaying games characterized by procedural generation, permanent death, and turn-based gameplay. Vellum puts a co-op twist on this classic formula with drop-in/drop-out multiplayer and over 70 possible loadout combinations for the Scribes.

Match Wits Against Evolving Enemies

A screenshot of a vellum video game

The core gameplay loop involves selecting torn pages that determine the powers and abilities the Torn will use against the players’ Scribes each run. With over 100 torn pages to choose from, players must analyze enemy movesets and strategize the best countermeasures.

The Scribes themselves have access to over 300 spells and abilities powered by magical inks, allowing for deep customization. Players can also challenge themselves further by activating certain bindings that make enemies more difficult in exchange for better rewards.

Check out the announcement trailer for Vellum below.

Vibrant Magic System

Alvios Games promises a vibrant magic system, with each Scribe having access to ultimate abilities and signature powers that synergize with their builds. The abilities are thematically linked to the ink used, so an emerald ink could grant poison abilities, for example.

Vellum Game Features


Conquer Stories in Bite-Sized Sessions

Vellum invites 1-4 players to band together in Swift Tales, approachable 30-minute roguelike adventures perfect for quick gameplay bursts. Work cooperatively to tear through procedurally generated gauntlets before the stories consume you!

Dictate the Evolution of Enemies

A defining mechanic is the Torn Pages system. Players choose from over 100 dangerous foe upgrades and spells to dynamically construct enemy movesets. Strategize and theorycraft to counter enemies strengthened by your own hands.

Equip a Library of Abilities

Over 300 spectacular powers are available for players’ customizable Scribes. All upgrades meaningfully impact builds instead of just tweaking stats. Become an unstoppable force capable of harnessing the magics of the mystical Ink Font with your comrades.

A Myriad of Character Builds

The signature Fabled Scribes system allows the creation of over 70 distinct character loadouts by mixing colorful ultimate abilities and signature powers. Embrace explosive emeralds, graceful gold, cryptic cobalt and more.

Ratchet Up the Risk, Ratchet Up the Rewards

Brave groups can activate perilous Brutal Bindings on their Tomes for heightened challenge and amplified rewards. Are your spells sharp enough to survive these harrowing handicaps?

Punny and Playful

The whimsical Reference Section houses all the delightfully dreadful literature puns you could desire.

Vellum Release Date


The studio has released several colorful concept images that give a taste of the visual style players can expect when the game hits Steam Early Access in the first half of 2024.

Vellum promises approachable 30-minute roguelike runs with meaningful progression for those looking for a strategic, cooperative battlefield full of evolving enemies.

Fans can wishlist the game on Steam and stay up to date on development by following Alvios Games on Twitter or joining the official Discord server.

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