Sea of Thieves Streamlines Gameplay, Expands Progression in Massive Season 11 Update

Rare has released the highly-anticipated Season 11 update for their popular pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves. This free update introduces a wide range of improvements and new features aimed at enhancing the gameplay experience for both new and existing players. Let’s look at everything Season 11 will bring to the game.

Access Voyages Directly from Your Ship

One of the most notable changes is the ability to access Voyages and Tall Tales directly from your ship’s Quest Table, removing the need to return to outposts.

Players can simply open the Quest Table menu and browse all currently available missions before choosing one and instantly sailing to the destination. This cuts down on travel time and allows crews to easily embark on their next big adventure.

Dive Straight into the Action

In addition to direct Voyage access, crews can now choose to “Dive” straight into their mission location instead of manually sailing there. Upon selecting a Voyage or Tall Tale, players will be given the option to dive to the destination, adding a fun new way to rapidly get into the action.

More Rewards and Progression for Trading Companies

Sea of thieves Trading companies

Rare has also reworked and rebalanced rewards for discoverable in-game events as well as expanded Trading Companies. This lets pirates continue progressing with their chosen trading company while earning exciting new loot.

An all-new Voyage type called Raid Voyages has also been introduced, offering twists on familiar World Events with high-value rewards.

Seasonal Progression System Added

Plunder's Pass Season 11 in Sea of Thieves.

The Season 11 update also introduces a full seasonal progression system to Sea of Thieves. Players can earn Renown points as they play to advance through 100 levels of a Seasonal Renown Reward Track, unlocking new cosmetics, Ancient Coins, and more.

Tons of New Sea of Thieves Cosmetics Added

To coincide with the new progression system, Rare has added a treasure trove of exciting new cosmetics across clothing, weapons, ship sets and more.

These can be earned through gameplay or purchased from the Pirate Emporium and Outpost shops using in-game gold and Ancient Coins.

The massive Season 11 update brings meaningful changes to streamline Sea of Thieves while expanding progression and customization. With so much new content and quality of life improvements, it’s an excellent time to set sail on the high seas. Check out the full patch notes on the Sea of Thieves website, visit X, YouTube or the Discord channel to see all the changes this season brings.

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