Spread Holiday Cheer in RuneScape’s New Christmas Village

The festive season has arrived in the magical world of Gielinor with the launch of the fun new Christmas Village area in RuneScape.

Located in the wintery Land of Snow, the Christmas Village offers players a wonderfully immersive holiday experience packed full of merry activities. Let’s take a cozy stroll through this winter wonderland and see what festive fun awaits.

Go Fishing for Fairy Lights

One of the main attractions drawing adventurers to the Christmas Village is the new Fairy Light Fishing activity. Players can grab a gleaming fishing rod and fresh bait and try their luck at hooking enchanting fairy lights from the swirling frosty waters. These twinkling lights glow gently in captivating colors and can be strung up around the quaint cottages and towering evergreens throughout the village. Decorating transforms the area into a truly magical winter sight that will fill your heart with the holiday spirit.

Catch Mischievous Snow Imps

Not all is silent and peaceful in the Christmas Village though. Players will need to keep an alert eye out for pesky snow imps attempting to create mischief and disrupt the festivities. These little troublemakers love causing chaos by stealing gifts and decorations. Tap into your reflexes and try catching these rascals in the act before they vanish! For every imp you catch, you’ll earn valuable Christmas Spirit which can be exchanged for wonderful holiday rewards.

Unlock Festive Outfits and Rare Rewards

Speaking of rewards, players can spend their earned Christmas Spirit on a sleigh-full of festive cosmetics and rare items. Deck your character out in the sweet Peppermint outfit which looks good enough to eat! Or don the iconic Purple Santa Hat – a staple accessory during the holiday seasons. And for those seeking a truly prestigious prize — the incredibly rare tradeable Black Party Hat is now obtainable! This coveted headpiece is highly sought after by merchants and collectors.

RuneScape Christmas Village developer diary

Embark on a Special Holiday Quest – It’s Snow Bother

On top of the various activities available in the Christmas Village itself, RuneScape players can also experience a special holiday quest called “It’s Snow Bother.” In this mission brimming with Yuletide cheer, you’ll need to channel your inner Santa Clause and spread joy throughout the fantasy realm. Deliver presents to iconic locations like the busy Lumbridge Market, the regal white stone walls of Falador, and the magical towers of Wizard Tower in Misthalin. Give each area a healthy dose of festive decoration and holiday spirit!

The RuneScape Christmas Village is Now Live

This magical winter wonderland is now open to all RuneScape adventurers. You can access it through the in-game Holiday Portals at the bustling Grand Exchange or the wintry town of Burthorpe. Or teleport directly into the festive fun using the Lodestone Network. The Christmas Village will remain open for seasonal activities until January 4th, 2024.

So redeem your free Santa hat, ready your rod for fairy light fishing, and spread some much-needed holiday cheer across the realms of Gielinor before time runs out on the fun. This is a limited-time RuneScape event you won’t want to miss. Check out the official website for more information or get RuneScape on PC, Steam, iOS or Android.

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