Gear Up for Battle with Street Fighter 6’s Stylin’ New Looks and Gameplay Updates

Street Fighter 6 continues to up the ante for players with the recent addition of new outfits, customizations, collaborations, tournaments, servers, and more in-game goodies. Read on for the details on the latest content keeping the iconic fighting game fresh and fans on their toes.

Outfit Your Fighter in Slick New Threads

Outfit 3 is now available for 18 fan-favorite World Warriors, serving up slick new looks to amplify your style during bouts. Each themed outfit with all 10 color variants can be snatched up in the in-game shop for 300 Fighter Coins. And during online matches, players can customize their opponent’s outfit and color as long as they own the threads themselves.

Street Fighter 6 Roster with Stylin’ New Looks and Gameplay Updates.

While Outfit 3 can be purchased outright, it is not unlockable through World Tour mode achievements. Stay tuned for even more dapper looks when Outfit 3 for Year 1 DLC fighters Rashid, A.K.I., Ed and Akuma drops next spring.

Deck Your Avatar for the Holidays

In the holiday spirit, a special “Happy Holidays” Fighting Pass stuffed with festive avatar gear, emotes, player titles and more is on the nice list for players to unwrap. Also making season’s greetings shine is a merry new “Cartoonish” Challenge Customization available in the shop using Fighter Coins or Drive Tickets.

Soundtrack Your Matches

Four slick hip hop tracks off the “Street Fighter 6 x NERDS Clothing presents Steel Sessions” soundtrack can now be equipped in the in-game Music Player for free. Bout beats for the win!

Score Free Collaboration Goodies

Street Fighter 6 x Baki collab.

Special collaboration content with the Baki anime series is up for grabs too, including player titles, stamps and photo frames to flair up your in-game profile.

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