Console Debut of Tenderfoot Tactics Brings Tactical RPG to New Audiences

The tactical RPG genre has seen a resurgence in recent years, with games like XCOM 2 and Fire Emblem finding new legions of fans. On February 21st, Tenderfoot Tactics is making its console debut on Nintendo Switch and Xbox platforms.

Since the game’s launch on Steam back in 2020, reviews have been nothing but positive. The charming artstyle and deep gameplay are vaguely reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics – one of the best titles in the genre and a beloved classic.

A Modern Take on Tactical Combat

Tenderfoot Tactics offers a fresh spin on tactical turn-based combat by using a deterministic system. Gone are the days of frustrating random miss chances and damage ranges. Instead, players can precisely calculate risk vs. reward when positioning characters and choosing abilities.

A console debut screenshot of the tactical RPG game Tenderfoot Tactics.

Manipulating the environment also becomes pivotal, but beware – reckless actions have consequences. Overall, the system promises transparent, skill-based confrontations.

Vast Open-World Exploration

Beyond combat, players can explore an expansive open world brimming with ruins, artifacts, characters, and surprises. The game sees players controlling a party of goblins tasked with liberating their besieged hometowns from an ominous fog spirit.

Progression involves discovering new locations and evolving your goblin squad with unique skills, classes and gear. New enemy types consistently evolve in combat with the player, forcing different adaptations and playstyles.

Optimized for Modern Consoles

On Xbox, Tenderfoot Tactics supports 4K resolution at 60fps, leveraging the power of Xbox Series X/S. The game also utilizes Smart Delivery and Play Anywhere, enabling play across generations and Windows 10 PCs.

A console video game's debut screenshot showcasing a map in Tenderfoot Tactics.

On Nintendo Switch, resolution dynamically scales to maintain a smooth framerate when docked or in handheld mode. Overall, responsive controls and streamlined menus make this engrossing adventure perfect for kicking back on the couch or on the go.

With its blend of strategic combat and enchanting world, Tenderfoot Tactics brings depth and accessibility to modern consoles. If you haven’t already, give this ambitious indie RPG a look when it launches February 21st.

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