The Last Citadel: New Co-op Roguelite Unveils Demo and Kickstarter

Eager Gamers Get a Taste of The Last Citadel

Honest Demon Studios has unveiled a tantalizing free demo of their upcoming co-op roguelite game, The Last Citadel. This preview gives players a chance to experience the intense first two levels of this role-based, roguelike third-person shooter and get familiar with over 18 abilities for creating powerful custom loadouts.

With approximately 10 hours of exciting gameplay, this demo offers more than just a small taste to get players hooked before the full version launches. It also serves to drum up interest and support for The Last Citadel’s Kickstarter campaign, beginning on January 29th, 2024.

A screenshot of the co-op roguelite video game The Last Citadel featuring a group of people playing it.

Fending Off the End in a Citadel Above a Black Hole

The full version of The Last Citadel promises to deliver challenging adventures for both solo players and co-op teams of up to four. The game transports players to a mysterious citadel hovering precariously over a black hole. Gamers must take on one of three roles – DPS, Healer, Tank – and join forces to battle through procedurally generated levels filled with unique bosses.

With over 45 active abilities and a slew of weapons and suits, players will need skill, strategy and a little luck if they hope to avoid the void.

Kickstarter Campaign Seeks Funds for More Polish and Content

While the core of The Last Citadel is fully designed, the Kickstarter aims to raise 45,000 CAD (35,000 USD) to support the final stages of development and bring even more polish and content to the game. Stretch goals for the campaign include enhancing visuals, expanding abilities and gear, designing more challenging bosses, and hiring talented artists to enrich the style and atmosphere.

A mesmerizing image of a cave illuminated by a solitary beam of light, perfectly capturing the immersive ambiance of Last Citadel, an upcoming Co-op Roguelite game currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Backers can choose from various reward tiers offering access to private playtests, exclusive skins, opportunities to design custom enemies and bosses, and more, depending on contribution level.

Indie Studio Commits to Development Transparency

Honest Demon Studios emphasizes transparency in their development process, promising to share sales figures and data for The Last Citadel after release. They hope this openness will build player trust and educate aspiring developers. If the game meets its Kickstarter funding goals, eager gamers can expect to live out their last stand in the citadel when The Last Citadel launches in full in 2024.

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