Torchlight: Infinite Ushers in a New Era of Terror with Twinightmare Season

Popular ARPG Torchlight: Infinite is launching its third season, dubbed “Twinightmare,” according to an announcement made earlier today by developers XD Games. The update brings frightful new adventures, deadly enemies, and powerful rewards for players brave enough to enter the abyss.

Introducing Rosa, the Nightmare Wielder

Leading the charge against the terrors of Twinightmare is a new playable hero named Rosa. As a master of the mysterious power of nightmares, Rosa utilizes shadowy blades and eldritch magic to doom her foes. The update includes four new skills for Rosa to unleash, allowing veterans and newcomers alike to experiment with fresh abilities.

Exciting New Outfits and Pactspirits

A screenshot of Torchlight: Infinite showcasing a large group of people engaged in gameplay.

In addition to a formidable new hero, fans can expect glamorous garb and valuable allies. Twinightmare introduces stunning outfits to collect and equip. Players can also recruit special season-exclusive Pactspirits, mysterious entities that lend their strength in battle.

Holiday Joy and Spring Celebrations

The dark days of Twinightmare will occasionally give way to light with two time-limited events. A Christmas event will bring tidings of comfort and joy, while the Spring Festival event heralds cheer and renewal. Both feature special activities and valuable loot for partakers.

Live Torchlight Gameplay Reveal and Dev Q&A with Rhykker

For in-depth details and first looks at Twinightmare, XD Games is hosting a livestream showcase on December 23. The preview promises a gameplay deep dive into all the new content. Well-known ARPG expert Rhykker will also be on hand during a developer Q&A to answer community questions. Rhykker is no stranger to Torchlight: Infinite, having showcased his strategic mastery in previous speedrun contests.

Torchlight Returns With Triple the Thrills

Torchlight: Infinite is published by XD Games, a leader in the gaming industry with over 50 million monthly active users globally. Dedicated to exceptional quality and pure gaming enjoyment, XD Games continues upping the ante with exciting updates like Twinightmare. For ARPG fans, the nightmares are just beginning when Season 3 launches soon. For more information, check out the Torchlight: Infinite Steam page or the official website.

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