Unleash Powerful Artifacts in Hellcard’s New Major Update

The innovative roguelike card game Hellcard is gearing up to unveil game-changing artifacts that promise to intensify the battle experience like never before. With the upcoming 1.0 launch set for early February, the major artifacts update serves as a significant milestone on the road to the full launch.

Strategic New Artifacts to Impact Battles

At the core of the sizeable update are six powerful new artifacts that offer unique strategic advantages and abilities. These artifacts have the potential to considerably influence the course and outcome of battles in dynamic new ways. Players will need to leverage these artifacts judiciously to outmaneuver their opponents.

A screenshot of the Hellcard game displaying an array of powerful artifacts.

Thing Trunk has provided a few artifact descriptions as a teaser for the upcoming update, they include:

  • Sticky Fingers – When your hand is empty during your turn, draw a card.
  • Three Seashells – Each time you are damaged in combat, other players are healed for the same amount.
  • Salt Lamp – Gain a +2 damage bonus for the next turn if you haven’t killed any monster this turn.
  • Flambeau – Every 3rd exhausted card heals you 1 HP.
  • Bow Tie – Deal 50 damage to one random monster at the beginning of each battle.
  • Hourglass If you have 50% or less HP, your attacks deal +1/double damage. 

Polish Indie Studio Powering Innovation

The creative force behind Hellcard is Thing Trunk, a passionate indie game development studio based in Poland. Since its founding in 2013, the studio has been actively innovating in the card game genre with titles like Regicide, Seven Bridges, and the upcoming RPG adventure game Chinatown Detective Agency.

Hellcard represents the studio’s first foray into roguelike deckbuilding card battles. The introduction of game-changing artifacts aligns tightly with Thing Trunk’s focus on innovation and the evolution of strategic card games.

Gearing Up for February 1.0 Launch

The impending update lays the groundwork and ushers momentum leading up to Hellcard’s official 1.0 release planned for early February 2023. The launch will mark a pivotal milestone for the game following years of polishing core mechanics and introducing fresh gameplay innovations through major updates just like this artifacts expansion.

Backed by seasoned publisher Skystone Games, Hellcard continues to push the boundaries of tactical deckbuilding battles. The studio envisions the 1.0 release being just the start of a thriving platform with much more content and features on the horizon post-launch.

Bringing Balance and Maximum Mayhem

While artifacts inject new layers of strategic possibilities, Thing Trunk emphasizes balancing gameplay remains paramount. The abilities conferred by each artifact have been meticulously tuned to avoid overpowered combinations while still enabling creativity. The goal is stimulating maximum mayhem through skill and strategy rather than sheer power alone.

By equipping the right artifacts for their playstyle, players can heroically battle their way through hordes of diabolical enemies across the dark fantasy world of Hellcard. With the groundwork firmly laid through its major updates, the stage is set for the game to unleash mayhem when it officially launches at version 1.0 this February.

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