Unleash Your Inner Tycoon in Industry Giant 4.0

Transport yourself into the cutthroat world of business and industry in the upcoming economic strategy game Industry Giant 4.0, coming to PC in the second half of 2024. Developed by Don VS Dodo and published by Toplitz Productions, this business simulation aims to let you create your own commercial empire inspired by the likes of Rockefeller, Jobs and Bezos.

Master Industrial Strategy in Dynamic, Real-Time Gameplay

A screenshot of an immersive city simulation in Industry Giant 4.0.

In Industry Giant 4.0, you’ll get to experience every aspect of establishing and managing a thriving company. Construct transportation networks, manage raw materials and production, plan finances, and more. You’ll need sharp business acumen and industrial strategy to enhance productivity, innovation, flexibility and efficiency.

The game delivers real-time economic mechanics, where dynamic shifts in weather, market conditions and global events impact your bottom line. You’ll live through economic crises and navigate new climate regulations that shape the ever-changing landscape. It’s a comprehensive business experience that will test your strategic decision-making capabilities at every step.

Industry Giant 4.0 Trailer

Build Your Legacy Across Diverse Commercial Sectors

A screenshot of a city showcasing the industrial prowess of Industry Giant 4.0, featuring a factory and a river.

Through mines, farms, factories and more, you can create an empire across diverse industries. Manage the full production cycle from raw goods to intermediate products to final items. Establish supply chains, optimize distribution networks, and balance your financial books to turn profits.

The developers aim to provide first-time players and seasoned tycoons alike with challenging and rewarding gameplay. Your business journey will have you tackling everything from supply shortages, warehouse fires, to new tax laws and innovations that disrupt status quo. How you maneuver these situations is what builds your legacy.

Bring Your Commercial Empire to Life

With Industry Giant 4.0, the dev team wants to deliver more than just a game. They aspire to simulate the thrilling world of industry and commerce, where you call the shots to determine the fate of your business.

You weave global events, economic factors and climate regulations into your own unique story. You put business principles into action, face dilemmas, and weigh decisions that govern whether your empire will thrive or take a hit. This is the life of a business tycoon.

If you seek a dynamic game where you can craft a legacy while navigating an ever-shifting economic landscape, mark your calendars for the release of Industry Giant 4.0. Wishlist it on Steam now for updates and visit YouTube for more information.

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