Visions of Mana Gets a Release Date

The iconic Mana RPG series is making an epic return this summer with a brand new entry, revealed by publisher Square Enix.

As part of Xbox’s Developer Direct presentation, Square Enix provided details about Visions of Mana, the first mainline Mana game released in over 15 years. Launching summer 2024 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and Steam, the game features refreshed designs and the newly imagined world of Mana.

Pikuls, Aerial Combat and The Soundtrack

A mesmerizing video game screen capture showcasing the enchanting visuals of Visions of Mana.

Series Producer Masaru Oyamada and Creator Koichi Ishii hosted the gameplay showcase, introducing players to the highly anticipated game’s story premise and action-packed combat system.

Players can expect to wield magic spells and melee weapons as they embark on a grand adventure across a vibrant fantasy realm reborn. With an emphasis on modernizing while preserving Mana’s rich legacy, Visions of Mana aims to enchant a new era for the RPG franchise this summer.

Visions of Mana Gameplay

A Pikul in Visions of Mana

The gameplay reveal gave fans a taste of what to expect when Visions of Mana arrives. While remaining faithful to the Mana legacy, the game aims to provide a fresh experience. One new addition is aerial combat, allowing players to battle foes mid-air with physical and magical attacks.

Another reveal is the introduction of cute little creature companions called pikuls. These helpful (and let’s be honest, adorable) sidekicks will accompany the protagonists, assisting with exploration and potentially participating in combat. Series staples like the Elementals will also aid players by providing specialized recovery items and bonuses during fights.

100 Tracks From Well Known Mana Composers

No Mana title would be complete without an exceptional soundtrack. Visions of Mana delivers on this front with 100 songs crafted by composers from throughout the storied franchise. Fans can expect arrangements and original compositions when the game launches. The music promises to complement exciting combat and adventures through a vivid fantasy landscape.

Vision of Mana Optimized for Modern Platforms

A group of characters standing on a cobblestone street in visions of mana

When it releases this summer, players will be able to embark on this new Mana journey across various platforms. Visions of Mana is confirmed for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC and Steam. Optimizations for current and next-gen consoles aim to pair classic sensibilities with new innovations for an unforgettable experience.

Visions of Mana marks a pivotal moment for the beloved series after years without a new mainline entry. Early reveals tease features that seem like they might provide a gameplay evolution, while embracing essential elements that define these iconic games.

Check out Visions of Mana on Steam, the Playstation Store and Xbox. For more information visit the official website, X and YouTube.

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