Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Celebrates First Anniversary with Massive Free Update

The highly anticipated co-op action game Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is celebrating its one year anniversary with a substantial two-part free content update called “The Traitor Curse.” The update will introduce new areas to explore, enemies to battle, and gameplay features for players to utilize.

New Cinematic Trailer Reveals Moebian Motivations

Part one of the update, releasing in November, will include a brand new cinematic trailer that delves into the backstory of the Moebian 6th. It will reveal their motivations and goals within the hive city of Tertium. The trailer introduces a new disreputable zone called “The Carnival” which will play a major role.

Explore the Sinister Setting of The Carnival

The Carnival is a twisted, dangerous locale, filled with deadly enemies and environmental hazards. Players will be able to explore the eerie landscape of The Carnival, including a new zone called “Mercantile.” Here, teams of four players can band together to take on relentless hordes of foes and complete objectives.

New Inspect Feature for Checking Loadouts

Part one of the update also introduces a useful new “Inspect Feature” that allows players to examine the gear and loadouts of other players within the Mourningstar hub area. This will help teams coordinate their builds and weaponry before embarking on missions.

Major Rework of Veteran Talent Trees

In preparation for part two of the update, arriving before the 2023 winter holidays, the Veteran Talent Tree is being overhauled. There will be extensive changes and tweaks to skills, including the addition of powerful Keystones. All players will need to reassign their talent points after the rework.

Upcoming Content in Part Two of Update

Darkside trilogy - part 1 of the epic Darktide series - takes players on a thrilling journey through the Warhammer 40 universe. Immerse yourself in this dark and intense

While full details are still scarce, part two of The Traitor Curse update promises to bring even more content to Warhammer 40,000: Darktide later this year. Given the immense scope of part one, players can expect substantial additions that will change and expand the game in exciting ways.

Free for All Existing and New Players

Best of all, the massive two-part The Traitor Curse anniversary update will be completely free for all existing players, and those who purchase the game after release. With intense co-op gameplay and this wealth of new content, there has never been a better time to join the fight against the forces of Chaos in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.

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